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The following is a list of what's new on The Revelation of the Lost Keys site. The latest entry will be placed on top. Be sure to check out my book on the traditions of men and how they make the New Covenant Word of God of none effect!!


THE MAIN BOOK THIS SITE IS ABOUT HAS BEEN TAKEN DOWN AND NOW BEING SOLD. The .pdf version of The Revelation of the Lost Keys has been deleted from this site. This book is no longer posted on this web site. The book is no longer free. To see why click here: also an explanation of how you can get the book is here.
Addendum 6: Added to Lost Keys Book This is not just about the correct order of the books of the Bible, it shows how the original canon of the scriptures was regarded when it was first implemented. The "Old Testament" if indeed it was ever called that when it was finally put together by Ezra, whereas, the "New Testament" was finally compiled by John. Altogether it was considered to be 49 books! You heard correct! It's the number of Jubilee. Anyway, this also addresses somewhat the order of the writings. The original old covenant saints did not really consider the order though! They put the books in sections such as the law, the prophets and the "psalms" which were the poetic books.
Christ Equals the WHOLE GOD redone again! So why again? You have to realize that the subject of the truth of the Godhead is not an easy subject. In my prior and second rendition I put forward the concept that the Sonship of Christ was a time based reality because the term son means a beginning point in time. Well, this is all true. However, a brother sent me some articles that opened my eyes to the fact that all times are IN the eternal God and He has always been related and very much in touch with this Father-Son relationship and joys exceedingly in it!!!!! Also I have seen before God ( and folks, that is the only way to really see) that the doctrine of the Trinity is a false doctrine!!!! Oh boy! Now I am really going to be attacked. but if you know me you know it does not concern me in the least. Not worried about this. Truth is truth. Read it and learn. See below for my previous thought.
3-1 God Article REDONE When I originally wrote this article to refute the heresy of folks who don't believe Jesus Christ is God and also those who don't believe He IS the Father as stated by Isaiah 9:6. I did not realize that I myself was still exhibiting false doctrine because I did not understand that the "eternal Sonship" doctrine concerning the eternal Word was incorrect. Please re-read my article and allow me to explain. So, years ago when I asked Father to allow me to buy the truth, I did not totally realize how humbling the process would be!! I have had to admit I was wrong and change my doctrine over and over and over. The more I see, the more I see that I'm barely scratching the surface! If you want to read only about this one item and want to learn where I learned this from, please read James Bruggeman's awesome article on the subject at Is Jesus God? Part 4: Trinity, Oneness and “Eternal Sonship” found at http://stone-kingdom.net/index.php?cID=308. I must say: with such a heavy subject as the Trinity, this, at least, removes some of the confusion.
I am NOT a House Church GUY! Isn't it better to approach things with your eyes wide open rather than in the dark? I think so. So in this article I explain why I am a "local assembly guy", not a "home assembly guy" and what that has to do with Gene Edwards who seems not to be outspoken at all about how there should be ONE assembly per ONE LOCALITY. THIS is the ONLY BOUNDARY FOR one ASSEMBLY in the New Testament! Other boundaries are NOT Biblical! I invite you to challenge me on this! Anyway there are many articles below on this page where I address the GROUND OF LOCALITY. Important stuff. Not trying to be mean here folks! Just up front and real. Also I got to be up front and real about how I agree or disagree with other brothers on this subject!
2nd Vision of Christ: His Baptism Through Father's Eyes - There is good reason why God has made me wait years and years before revealing this. You will have to read it to find out! However, to put it bluntly: I saw Christ THROUGH the Father's eyes! This view from HIS standpoint, view and feelings surpassed all others. It relates to the fact that John the Baptist was the high priest in the eyes of the Father at that time, and also that the event took place on the Day of Atonement IN the river Jordan and TO the Lamb of God! But this was the view of that baptism FROM ABOVE!!! As seen THROUGH the HOLY DOVE!
Addendumn 2 REDONE!! Copncerning the CHRISTIAN MATRIX I wrote this addendum originally 11 years ago after receiving some understanding of these things, however, in the last 2 years I have actually SEEN into the realm of the 2 trees (#1 the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil - a very very complicated tree leading to death. #2 the Tree of Life- a simple tree with only one element: the life of God leading to more and more life.) and how the one relates to knowledge and self-reliance but the other is leaning on Christ alone! On this new page you will see a link to the only vidoes I have on my site!! Check them out. They may, indeed, actually free you from a false view of the book of Revelation which may also free your whole life in many many ways. To sum it up: it is a HISTORIC book, NOT a FUTURISTIC book. We ARE in Revelation chapters 17 and 18 RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!
The New Testament (Young's Literal Translation) in the Order Written - This is back at the top of the list. The New Testament on this site has been redone! WITHOUT CHAPTERS AND VERSES!! I don't think you can find one without chapters and verses AND in order online anywhere else. You will find I have done this in order to help the believer get a better understanding of the NT by placing the books in the order in which the authors wrote them so they would be line upon line and precept upon precept. For an understanding as to why this is important see my article on how I became crystal clear in my understanding of the New Testament. One thing REALLY became clear and that was that today's Christianity is something of a completely different color than that which was written about in the scriptures! By the way, today's Christianity with all it's flare and shows and sermonizing is a drab color in comparison!!!! This NT is only part of a new section on my site concerning the Word of God. The definition of the term "word of God" needs to be re-assessed. In this series of articles you will see how to enter into God's speaking and not only that the word of God and scriptures are different but how to get clear on what the scriptures are saying! Yes! This is a MUST READ and possibly the best I have written yet.
New Search Engine on this Site!! This new search engine on my site is by Free Find and really works well! So I got rid of my recent Site map and replaced it with their new Site Map. So, also, at the original Search Engine location on the "Charge Forward Page - it has been replaced by the new one at the bottom of the page.
Christ Equals the One God! An Answer to Tertullian Recently I have seen before God the importance of believing in the Deity of Christ. This site is about assembly life. REAL assembly life depends on REAL experience of the unsearchable riches of Christ as Head flowing as body-life supply to and through His members. If there is not this, there is nothing. This also has very much to do with the fellowship flowing between the Father and the Son. This fellowship is the Spirit and this Spirit is the very life and heartbeat of His Body. But if folks come in that are not believing in the deity of Christ, it makes all of this impossible. They are to be regarded as hereitics. Jesus said we must honor Him, the Son EVEN AS we honor the Father. That about says it all. How could Christ be the unsearchable riches of God in you and me both and flow between us if He was not Almighty God?? So, I have chosen to reply to a guy who, although he seems to be on my side because in this writing he is a Trinitarian fighting against a heretical modalist. Still, he is wrong on some things. That is why, in his book he does not mention Isaiah 9:6 even once. I speak of Tertullian. I think you'll also find an invigorating article on this subject written by Witness Lee entitled "What a Heresy — Two Divine Fathers, Two Life-Giving Spirits, And Three Gods!" Read more here !
Addendum to Matter of the Ground Matters For the original article on the subject click here . The original revelation was concerning an answer to a dear brother's message to me concerning the ground where the foundation of assembly should be laid. The answer I gave was destroyed by a computer problem! However, after building a shed and having God speak to me most of that day, I answered! However, now, 4 years later, I have had to re-build the shed due to problems. The original was NOT built on level ground! Hence ALL the problems! There has never been a problem with Christ our foundation, (although certainly there has been problems with OUR CONCEPTS of Him, but not with Him) however there has been problems throughout history with where the foundation is laid and with what materials men then build upon it. This 2nd building of my shed in my backyard was on level ground and it fitly framed together this time. See the story and new light on this subject here ! You will see a link to the 3rd part also.
The Death TO Death (OR Death 2 Death) Since I mostly fight against practices, it may seem strange I talk about a doctrine here. But this doctrine of eternal hell has been used by the pope and Catholic church to enslave the masses by fear and oppresion. It has also caused some folk to literally go insane, have nervous breakdowns and negatively effect emotional sickness when held literally speaking. If this doctrine were true, I would say no more, but according to the Greek meaning of the word used by King James and his followers translated forever, the real meaning is to an age, NOT forever! This article is about the conclusions I came to as the result of studying these truths and a VERY happy day in my life, when I, for the first ime, read Revelation 21:3-5 and actually believed these marvelous words for the 1st time! What a thrill! What a release! HALLELUJAH TO THE LAMB!!!
2nd E-mail Message to Andrew Strom - This is now updated - he never answered my first message to him Open letter - then never answered my second so I posted this volatile message concerning the term he used: "Under Leaders" .... Finally he did answer me on this subject. After some emails where we hardly understood each other he finally wrote his concept "what about the term OVERseer" and at this point I realized he is not going to repent. I will publicize this article on the internet everywhere possible where Andrew Strom is mentioned online because I am bidden to do so! To revive this ugly Christianity in America is a mistake!! A BIG mistake! God help us to start all over again from the ground up!
E-mail Message to Andrew Strom - I try to hold nothing back, so since this was one of those time when I felt I held nothing back, I had to make this public. Andrew Strom's site http://www.revivalschool.com is, I believe, a major blessing on the subject of the need of revival in this country today. What a shame it is that so many revivals have not lasted! Of course I must write about this to him because that is what this site is about: BALANCE. New Wine needs to poured into new wineskins and the old traditional skins just can't hold onto this - it just doesn't work. I think if Brother Andrew had not left the "Prophetic Movement", I may not have ever written this message, but thank God he did! And I did! To see his link on the subject click here1 and here2.
New Site Map!! Finally a page on this site that has links to all my pages (except the links on this sites to some of my other web sites out there. If you want to see family photos which are on many other sites (some are not even my sites), you need to visit my The "Other" Links page.
OK, do you remember Twenty-Seven Metaphors to a Grasp of Happiness by Lindsy M. Stephenson Jr. ?? Well Brother Lindsy has decided to place his book also as a Blog on http://twentysevenmetaphors-graspofhappiness.blogspot.com/ and from there folks can also reach him eventually by email. Since he has put it there I will also provide the link to his email here:  Metaphors27@comcast.net ... but as he says on his blog, he may not be able to get back to you as quickly as he would like to. This is a highly recommended link (or the one above, being the same thing) if you have unsaved friends with deep questions to refer them to.
The .pdf version of The Revelation of the Lost Keys has been deleted from this site. This book is no longer posted on this web site. The book is no longer free. To see why click here: also an explanation of how you can get the book is here.
Twenty-Seven Metaphors to a Grasp of Happiness by Lindsy M. Stephenson Jr. is a new book added to my site!! Actually I think this is the first time this book has appeared. It is a book mostly for those who have not yet believed into Christ and have many different kind of questions about the faith. It is also for those on a search for that lasting kind of happiness only Christ can give. The author's conclusions are the same as mine although my Addendum 4 is probably ONLY about this subject: the fellowship flowing between the Father and His Son in all ages times and places as belonging in all it's unsearchable riches to the believer in Christ. The author points to THIS as being the ages-long sought for answer to the fulfillment of happiness in the human heart. As always my Disclaimer applies to any links or articles from authors other than myself because I may not totally agree with everything. but the Lord convicts me that even my own writings are subject to change as He opens my eyes wider and wider to the truth! In fact there are some views of a few things  that will eventually be changed.
New!! Lost! NT Realities Made of None Effect due to the Traditions of Men - at http://www.lostkeysrevelation.com/TraditionsClog.pdf this time in an Acrobat Adobe Version. This is my latest book but not what I would consider my best. Once again, I've done it but this time I'm getting better at .pdf files! You'll find the .pdf version even better than the online version this time. And I actually recommend it above the online version as seen in the link on top of the page. There are more links to subtitles than in the online version. Please be advised: this stuff is dangerous to religious health!! No religion allowed in this book!
A reference to Gene Edwards new books: "The Day I was Crucified as Told by Jesus Christ" and "CHRIST "Before CREATION" my Books page. It's amazing Gene's recent book on the Christ of the Cross was released at the same time as Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ. Anyhow, see the books link to see my comments there and be taken to the links on the SeedSowers pages.
Feast and Famine: Concern Over the Lord's Supper - This article is by Kevin Sherfey. This brother lives a couple of towns away from me so I have the opportunity to visit the assembly meeting at his home on occasion and fellowship with him. In keeping with the theme of balance, I'm adding this article to this site. Some have so emphasized the matter of a full meal as BEING the Lord's supper that they have become divisive by putting an = sign to it making it a prescribed practice. But here is a general principle: to insist on a practice other than the general faith is divisive. On the other side to prevent the freedom of a practice as long as it's not a sinful practice is also divisive. Although it is true we must move away from the formalism of the institutional church and the traditions of men as I speak of in my book alluded to above, we need the balance of realizing that the Lord has enjoined HIS traditions to us as I mention in the same book. I am really sorry I did not say more on this one which is another of what I call the traditions of the envoys. There was much feedback on this article which is also included in a question and answer section.
For Frank Viola's brand new books see his new add on both my Books page. These writings are, thank God, adding fuel to the fire of a burning revolution these days. Not only that, you will find it true to the Word of God! (Well, most of the time, Frank!). I know this personally because even though these are new books, I HAVE already read the rough drafts and I highly commend them to the public. Once again: THANKS Frank!
See my most recent article entitled Matter of the Ground Matters. This article was written as an answer concerning Christian unity that was far more important than either of the writers realized! By the time of this posting there are 2 more articles added to ths posting.
Prophetic Online: A link just placed on my The "Other" Links page. This site has many good articles. Almost no matter what subject you want some insight about, it's there! This brother will be visiting my home state soon, Lord willing!
A new links page called The "Other" Links is now added to the site. You can find some family and friends sites as well as other Christian sites not related to the kind of sites I have linked to so far. My site mainly points to #1 the deeper things of God and #2 The return to that which was from the beginning concerning the proper way for Christians to meet and to serve. But of course there are many other types of Christian sites out there with other types of important topics.
Remember my new book? Lost! NT Realities Made of None Effect due to the Traditions of Men Well, I have recently added what I had promised to add as far as changes and edits, upon my review of Frank Viola's new book: Pagan Christianity. Also a review and post for Frank's book is now on the books page. Go there to find out about Frank's new book. Yes, I did find some date and time, taking names and kicking butt material from his book and believe I really needed to get in sync with what he said on some issues. So I did.
Click here for review of James Rutz's The Open Church as written by Neil Girrard. Along with the review, I have placed two of Gene Edward's chapters from that book that were not included on the Open Church web site: Chapter 6: The Emperor's New Church: The Naked Truth About How Constantine Stripped the Church Of Its Power and Re clothed It With Invisible Finery and Chapter 7: Luther Quit Too Soon.
Lost! NT Realities Made of None Effect due to the Traditions of Men - NEW Book! This book shows how the traditions added to the faith through the centuries made and are still making the Word of God of none effect and tries to surmise what those effects would have or could have been! Yes! We can do something about it!

by Kevin “the NorthWest”
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