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The Revelation of the Lost Keys
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The most important revelation ever given by
God to a man during the 20th century!


This site has been re-done. Again. Mostly all I have done is take the Revelation of the Lost Keys book down and move it to Kindle at this Amazon Kindle Store link. If you wish to read it, you'll have to buy it. Why have I done this? Some believers may think this is a wrong thing to do. However, human nature dictates it. Why? There are so many people out there that would not value something that is free as much as something they have to pay for. AND, if they must pay for it, they are more likely to read it than if they didn't.

Yes, there are some rather sharp and pointed statements on that book I wish the whole gamut of Christian people would truly take seriously. But my goal is only to get more people to read it. So there are a couple of things I would like to say about the book. First of all it is for those who want more; much much more. It pertains to unsearchable riches of Christ which can only partially be experienced individually, but corporately far far more than most have ever dreamed. Secondly, this heady new wine needs a non leaking wineskin. And this does NOT include a pastor facing a pews setting. THAT, my friend is old wineskin. If you are looking for something real and according to New Testament reality, do not think that the pastor/pews, clergy/laity system is that non-leaking wineskin because it is not. In fact, the clergy laity system is possibly the root of divisions.

So I hope that no one would ever try to daub with untempered mortar and try to fit the things I write about into that scenario. That scenario needs to be given up. This is for those willing to step outside of the organized church back into the center of the Being of Christ! I am talking about a radical departure from today's ways of doing things. This can ONLY be BIRTHED, not manufactured or organized. Man cannot make this happen, but if we are willing to approach God in humble repentance and prayer, He may well grant these things to become your things. Just remember the main message of my book is that the real new wine must be contained and preserved in the real new wineskin and that DOES include some traditions, however, those are the Biblical traditions of the apostles as noted elsewhere on this site, NOT the traditions of men. I have still left my book called "Lost, NT Realities Made of None Effect due to the Traditions of Men"

So the book just mentioned will remain as free on this site. It does differentiate between traditions which are of God and those which are not. I invite your comments and criticisms of this page. Let's talk! Truth shall do us good. Although I fully condemn non-scriptural traditions which maim and divide the Body of Christ and kill the function of its members, I still would not be like some who put you under a pile of condemnation lest I become just like the thing I'm coming against! If you remain a die hard Baptist, you can still e-mail me and I'll still talk to you! If you don't leave the institutional church because of whatever reasons I'm not saying on this site that you're not a Christian. If salvation was based on works none of us would be saved. The grace of God is extended towards those who believe and the choices of how to carry that out is of course up to you. Of course God will deal with all of us in His Own time and way. My only purpose for this site is to point the way to a deeper richer dearer closer experience of both your personal life with Christ and a better more vibrant corporate or assembly life with other believers as fellow living stones in God's building showing forth His glories and excellencies! I hope you would stop here for a while and take a serious look. I cannot be called on the phone.

However I would gladly like to communicate with anyone who is willing by e-mail. Please write me whenever you can at and I will try to answer you. May His grace be yours.