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My Stuff: The REAL issues on God's heart of this last century are dealt with here!

There is not much organization to this page - it is really just from the heart.I will point out articles that I think are the closest to real Biblical emphasis and what's on God's heart beginning with my own articles from here and links from there.

HEY!! Where do you think you're going? Are you on the right train?Just wave your mouse over the picture then click on it, and get ready for some noise! The real title of this article is "The Crux of the Matter of the New Testament and Assembly Life." But on most of my pages it is referred to as ADDENDUM 4. I believe THIS is the missing element in the so-called "house-church movement" these days. It is not original. It is a book report of Gene Edwards book "Overlooked Christianity" (which is no longer found at Seedsowers right now for some reason), but if I had not had a personal vision of this same Christ I would not have written these things down. There are so many graphics (well worth waiting for!) on this page that some may get impatient or distracted. If you wish to read it in its simpler form click here. This is a must read.

A Vision of Christ. This of course is related to the previous article. It is my weak attempt to relate a vision of Jesus earthly life I once had. But I cannot find the human words to really communicate what happened.

Addendum 3: This goes with the Addendum 4 above. It discusses most of the issues that the Lord has brought up in these present days and is the reason and the emphasis of why most folks are leaving the IC. But it's all out of balance without the spiritual depth as referred to in the article above.. I have put these two articles first on the list because they have very much to do with BALANCE and BALANCE is what we lack today.

Charge Forward! Though through Desert! Though through Sleet Storm! This page has one of my favorite photos, Kilchurne Castle as seen through a sleet storm! Find out why. It's an article about coming forward to the throne of grace no matter what!

Revivals in the Acts of the Apostles or ADDENDUM 1. I guess you'll just have to go and see for yourself what revival has to do with the things concerning what was "from the beginning." If this article does not cause you to weep, something is wrong with you.

Lost! NT Realities Made of None Effect due to the Traditions of Men. My brand new book! According to the Lord the traditions of men make His Word to have NO EFFECT! So how many things have done this to us? And how many unsearchable riches of Christ that should just naturally flow through the channel have not come our way because the channel has been clogged up? It is true this is no mere article. It is a book. But it was supposed to start as an article. There will probably be more added to it as brothers who have experienced the things I've written about come forward with their inputs to the subject. New!! The next link: Lost! NT Realities Made of None Effect due to the Traditions of Men is now in a .pdf file which is the Acrobat Adobe version.

Today's Christianity's Off-Centered Mindset and Ways or ADDENDUM 2 on the subject of "Our Western Mindset" ... OK, so whoever had the gall to put this on the w.w.w. must be a madman! A good look at the roots of our Protestant Practices and deeper than that - our present day thinking which keeps us IN those practices.

The Intriguing Cottage: There's something about those few days that still stirs my inner man. A revelation in itself. Though its part of my book it stands in a class all by itself. Through the years there has been more and more light poured as to this trysting place in my life. This is a must read.

THE FOOT WASHED-WASHING JOINT OF SUPPLY. Also part of the book, but it happened years later. This tells the story of one of the reasons why I departed from the ways of what some call "the local church movement" and others call "the Lord's Recovery" associated with the late Witness Lee. I'll tell you one thing: what they have is still a whole lot better than today's institutional, organized Christianity!

Other Stuff - on Intrinsic Damage

Now its time to get ballistic! I really do regard the institutional church as being damaging! It's time to tell it like it is! There are many evils in this world such as alcohol, pornography and Satanism where actual people are sacrificed and tortured, etc. etc. but none of the aforementioned evils actually clogs up the channel through which the Holy Spirit flows! But the institutional church (the IC) does! Rather than get offended with me I would beg you once again to read my new book Lost! NT Realities Made of None Effect due to the Traditions of Men. (click here for the .pdf version) Here, now that I've found his site again I'll point to Neil Girrard's article "The Worst Enemy" here. This may not seem right to you that I would call today's Christianity (by this I mean the modern unscriptural PRACTICES of the majority trends), in concert with Neil, the "worst enemy", but I believe it's true!! You see, that which clogs the only channel God has on earth through which He can flow to this sick, lost and dying world (AND the Body also) has GOT to be a worse enemy to Christ than even Satanism with all it's bloody evil sacrifices! You see, Satanism is a side issue as it does not block the channel. But Christianity?? This contains God's people, who are His temple and channel.

Now here's a truly amazing article: Three myths of the modern church and their devastating impact on you and your family - WOW!! This article by Dave Kahle reveals the truth about three items of the IC that have good elements to them and therefore contain their blinding power and influence towards christians being in bondage! They are like veils over our minds that prevent far greater good to God's people. They say Dave Kahle is the #1 businessman in America and has worldwide influence. He must be smart then! Thank God for this brother! For other articles by him on like subjects click here.

OK let's give you a list of things: How about finances? The cost of IC's are waaaay out of line as compared to HC's. This is not an article it's just a graph.

Other Stuff - on Church Buildings and the word "church"

There are several good articles on this subject: Church Buildings--Who Needs Them?, Here I put an article by some of those meeting with Gene Edwards originally, (I try to meet with them too but can rarely get over there as I'm an hour and a half distance away in Washington.). Now here is another fact about Gene Edwards: There are some hurts that modern day people have found through practical ministry errors. My DISCLAIMER concerning him can be found on my article NOTHouseChurch.html. Here's a good article, once again, also by Neil Girrard: "But I Met God There" and "But the Building is Just a Tool," explaining that just because that's where some folks have been born again in "churches" does not make them valid.

Here's some good stuff on why even using the word "church" is not a good idea. For one thing it creates the wrong concept in people's minds. People already have the concept of an ornate building where either believers or religious people have their meetings once or twice a week. This meaning in the back of our minds has been there with us because it has been put upon intentionally by the conspiracies (especially the conspiracy under King James when the KJV was invented. See my books page for a link to "The Great Ecclesiastical Conspiracy" by George Davis and Michael Clark) spawned through the marriage of politics with the clergy in various times. See the following articles by Neil Girrard on this subject: Origins, But I met God There and especially the article: The Assembly to understand the language and culture origins of the word "church" and what it was associated with and what it has become. This is not all folks that there is to say on this subject! There's more out there!

Other Stuff - on Historical Changes: history has affected YOUR LIFE more than you may think!

On history and how it affects the way we practice our Christian get togethers, here are some good articles: HISTORICAL CHANGES IN THE CHURCH, Stuff on Søren Kierkegaard: just go to the link and find the button Kierkegaard and click on it. This man was one of the influences that finally began to open people's eyes. Also click the button "Counter-Cultural" for more history concerning the house assembly influence on culture.

More on History: James Rutz' book The Open Church (excerpt of the book; this book can be found in its entirety at Seedsowers), which is also good on history. Neil Girrard's article, I have also put on my site entitled: The Open Church Just a Little One. If you click this link now, you'll discover that he reveals the compromise inherent in the aforementioned book and goes on to cite two articles by Gene Edwards which are actually chapters in Rutz' book! I guess this must mean Gene doesn't compromise, huh? Gene's chapters in the Open Church deal with THE two biggest infiltrations of Satan (though Gene doesn't come and out and out blame Satan) with traditions into the assembly of God in history. These are a must read: and are now posted on this site just to keep them on the web. Here goes:Chapter 6: The Emperor's New Church: The Naked Truth About How Constantine Stripped the Church Of Its Power and Re clothed It With Invisible Finery and Chapter 7: Luther Quit Too Soon. It is interesting that these two chapter's did not make it into the online version of the Open Church. Now here is another fact about Gene Edwards: There are some hurts that modern day people have found through practical ministry errors. My DISCLAIMER concerning him can be found on my article NOTHouseChurch.html. Hmmmmm ...

On the matter of the order of worship for Protestants HERE is the REAL truth of where it came from (c'mon, give it up guys!): The best article called "John Calvin Revisited" by Gene Edwards used to be online at the site but the site is down. You can still buy the book from Seedsowers. This is taken from Gene's book: How to Meet in Homes. This is one power packed punch at tradition. Again a must read. Also from the same author on history: A Plea for Church Life This great article is still online.

Other Stuff - on Clergy/Laity: THIS tradition goes deep down inside every one of us in this present age.

I believe the clergy laity system is at the root of ALL other traditions that have clogged the channels of blessings today. For real good arguments you'll have to see my new book which I have spoken of above. Here some other excellent materials on this subject: It Shall Not Be So Among You - one of the best on this subject. Were these not Jesus' very words? I think so! And we will be judged by them! Jesus Versus The Eldership again by Norman Park. See W. Carl Ketcherside, who is by the way one of the most inflamed writers on the subject of restoration of the Body of Christ. A Plea for Church Life, again, but I include it here as it contains Gene's experiences from being a Baptist pastor and what it was like. Here are some more: Silencing of the Lambs, A PASTOR BY ANY OTHER NAME, PAID PULPITEERS AND DIVISION, (Hmmmm, maybe THIS is one of the biggest causes of division.)

For lots of other articles on these subjects the Unveiled site and George Davis' web sites point to lots more.

As a balance I like
these links even better!!!

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