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The Revelation of the Lost Keys
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The most important revelation ever given by
God to a man during the 20th century!


... and I will give to you the keys of the kingdom of .. Matt. 16:19.


Jesus Christ is so wonderful! Life in Jesus Christ is both exciting and wonderful!! (Do you know Him?? If not please click here. If you do not yet have the life of Christ most of this site will not pertain to you very much and think of the ABUNDANT LIFE you will miss!) As with every coin having two sides there are things in this present world that put a damper on that testimony. Indeed the testimony and reputation of how wonderful our Lord Jesus really is has been damaged by the way He is made to appear by those who actually have been born again and have both His life and nature within. Please read this page before you visit the links I refer to in the rest of what I have written below. Also, just added to this site is another book written by a friend for those of you that may have some of the more unusual questions about the Christian faith. The book is entitled: Twenty-Seven Metaphors to a Grasp of Happiness and this book leads to the true happiness of fellowship with the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ.

It is THE saddest thing on this earth, but true, that today's traditional Christianity and its rituals have put a damper and a smokescreen on the Lord's wonderful surpassing glory. If you read nothing else on this site take a view of His great glory in two of the most important articles you will ever see: The Crux of the New Testament and Assembly Life and the accompanying article A Vision of Christ. CHRIST, in the New Testament is represented as being a wine to cheer and enliven mankind. There has never been a problem with Jesus Christ being this wine! But the children of God who are His container and conveyor have too often practiced the ways of Judaism, legalism, ritual and pagan dead traditions which have been to take the way of the old religious wineskins instead of the New Testament "new wine skins." Oh! How we need the new wine today! But with the same breath, how we also need the new wineskin!

You may react to this page: "How could you say you have the most important revelation of the 20th century? I admit to being part of a brewing revolution today: but the fight is NOT against flesh and blood but rather the powers of this present darkness that have been too too successful in blinding the children of God today to what is theirs in Christ. If you honestly desire an explanation to my claim, then please read the Prologue to my book. That also contains the purpose of this site and the single most important spiritual need of the Body of Christ in this present day. And that need is BALANCE!

This is the biggest need for the purposes of God to advance both within and without the assemblies of the Lord: A BALANCE AND CARE FOR BOTH THE CONTENT OF THE NEW WINE AND THE CONTAINER OR WINESKIN TO CONTAIN, EXPRESS AND CONVEY THIS NEW WINE!

To really care for the wine, the Person of Christ without the wineskin, His Body, is ridiculous! A proper wineskin IS the taking care of the wine. You absolutely must have a container to hold the wine. If there is just one small hole in the wineskin, though it be a new wineskin and not an old one, the wine will leak out. If the hole is small the wine is still ALL going to leak though it may be so slow you may not notice!

Today, there is a partial exodus from the institutional church and you have probably heard of the so-called "house church movement." Although you could say I'm part of this so-called "movement," (I don't like that term, can you tell?!) there is much going on today that is for the most part like what poor Martin Luther did unfortunately: still just a partial return to some of the practices and realities that Jesus Christ gave us through His chosen 12 and after that Paul of Tarsus in the 1st century. This is compromise and falls so short. Why do we as the assembly of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ dare to live below our privileges and the unsearchable riches which our Savior gave to us through His incarnation, all-inclusive death, life-giving resurrection, all-conquering ascension and outpouring of everything He IS and has accomplished, plus His perfect humanity and endless divine life and nature which was poured to us once and for all on the day of Pentecost? These things are no longer merely promises to us but now belong to us as the bequests of the new covenant will! Well, I'm not necessarily blaming you here, but there's a good chance the blame falls mostly upon the religious system and its strong influence upon our mindset today and also upon the fact of our blindness in never having experienced much of our inheritance due to a leaking wineskin! There is a need for revelation as to how you can be at and get to the container (house, body, wineskin, etc.) where the fountains of living waters are and not merely "do house church the way they did it back then!" in an outward way without the balance of inward reality. It is true that I make some pretty sharp and pointed statements on this site and especially in my Prologue, but to understand where and how this is directed and my heart in doing so please read the qualifier in my Feedback page. Now also added is the new Site Map.

In this site such issues are dealt with such as Catholic traditions, church leadership, pastor appreciation, the pastor robe, the pastor sermon, the youth pastor job and the unnecessary expense of the pastor salary . If you are a church pastor and getting tired of it, you came to the right site! This site disproves the Biblical base of such a clergy title or pastor position. In fact, read on to find out the real truth concerning "church government" and "church leadership."

Also for "churches" or how I like to call it: assemblies of believers: if you think you need a pastor, think again. Before you make your group available to the pastor job search want ads reading "church seeking pastor", check out this site!

Other issues deal with the spiritual side of the Christian faith as to why Christianity is so shallow today, not realizing the need for the historical Christian mystics. Indeed many have not heard of mystics and know little about the Christian deeper life or any kind of church deeper life ministry. Many have a hunger for God so they think the answer is in revival fire, but the true revival fire fall merely proves the existence of death in the kingdom of God and the Body life and/or deeper life would prevent such death and preserve the new wine in the proper new wineskin. Of course this must start with leaving the mere traditions of men and returning to a revelation of Jesus Christ.

In my book I discuss the loss of my habitat (just as God's loss of His habitat, which is us) through losing my keys but there is more than just losing the keys to your house. What about your car? If the Lord's kingdom keys get lost it also hurts His being able to move on this earth! Don't forget: WE are His vessels and we by prayer and obedience lay the tracks for His move. Without man on this earth for God to use it is hard for Him to do much! So I consider my article on the Crux of the matter of the New Testament: Addendum 4 as being one of THE MOST EXTREMELY IMPORTANT articles you could ever read. For those of you who can't wait for the well worth download of train photos, I decided to put it on plain black in white under the title Crux.

Here's why BALANCE is so extremely important: I have personally witnessed Christians who got wise about the "New Testament way of doing things" as far as the outward practical things and took so much care of the wineskin they were out of balance as to experiencing the wine! Then as death took over there was a reaction and they swung like a pendulum to life! life! life! and emphasized the spiritual - but alas! It was out of balance again and because they did not properly take care of the practical the wine leaked out as fast as it came! Then of course the pendulum swung the other way! (what a prescription for BURNOUT!!) But mostly I have seen these things in groups outside of the organized institutional church, not inside it.

Now of course I'm going to mention Frank Viola's book " Reimagining Church." Frank's book is one of the best things that has ever happened in this generation and I am in sync with this book.

So, since Frank's book is so right on, why the need for my book? Because, although these issues have been addressed, there is always the danger of getting out of balance and, as a testimony to Frank's logical, scriptural approach the Lord would also use a PICTURE and The Revelation of the Lost Keys is a picture and as someone once said: "a picture paints a thousand words!" Many have already testified that they came away from this testimony having seen things they never dreamed of before! You can get more out of this one book than ten others on the same subject. This book also addresses God's eternal purpose. A picture of this purpose, which includes His Building, Body, Bride and Family, again is worth 10 books on a subject not often addressed in it's proper cointext. and what is the proper context? You are about to find out if you buy the book!

If you have never considered that there is any kind of better Christian experience outside the institutional, organized church and you are being stirred within by the Holy Spirit that there is something more, then this book is especially for you!

Some may tend to think that my main emphasis is unity and that I'm trying to start a special thing to "build up the true church" so to speak, but Jesus already did that! Unity was only the issue God happened to use in my case. It is only one of the balance issues today. WE just need to discover what is already ours and what has been already given us by getting in position before Him to enjoy this already given grace!!!!

Now, to balance my own site I'm going to do something seemingly strange to take the lead in this matter and give you a link to an article that seems to undermine this entire web site!!! (You better read my book after reading this!) This article on Babylon, Is it organized churches? Is it independents?... is something I do not agree with word for word! But it contains a wealth of truth because the harlot, "Mystery Babylon" has always been associated with denominational division, and though I personally do not agree with divisive names that divide or any kind of division of the ecclesia (which CANNOT be divided anyhow!!!!), if you really know your Bible you will see that Babylon did not mean division but rather a kind of carnal ONENESS. God actually has used denominations to attack and conquer certain carnal traditions through the centuries! The so-called quote "church" un-quote ought to be cut into pieces and Babylon really represents a carnal unity which God had to confuse by language and divide!

Do you see?? True unity is ONENESS WITH GOD and if my mere ways have to divide from a brother's mere ways in order to be one with God then I better do it!

Denominations developed because GOD brought up issues AGAINST "traditions that made the word of God of none effect"! So you see why above mentioned article, though I had to mention it IS IN ITSELF OUT OF BALANCE! See how easy it is to tip over?!

As a further illustration of how easy it is to get off balance I had to recently add this paragraph into my homepage. Why? Because I realized that there was so much influence and writing about the corporate/fellowship side of the Christian life that you may miss my writings on the individual side (being alone with God). But you absolutely must have both to maintain balance in your Christian life! I would humbly ask you to please read my article Addendum 4 and it's accompanying Vision of Christ FIRST. In order to even care about the wineskin there needs to be some motivation towards the new wine. Also, I highly recommend the article Charge Forward! Though through Desert! Though through Sleet Storm! This is an encouragement to search after Christ even in dry spells. In THAT article is the proof that God works more through dry times of seeking Him in our inner life than at any other time. This can lead to an experience with Christ in the depths. Recently through e-mail conversation from Ken Brown, I learned of his site: The Voice of One Crying. I highly recommend his articles on shutting yourself in with God in secret. After reading this I realized I need to point you first to the articles I have alluded to in this paragraph. When Ken wrote on Matthew 5,6, and 7 on the need to shut one self in with God in prayer alone, he used the word "respond" as being the real meaning of the Lord's word "reward" where Christ says the Father will reward you openly. He said that this means real inward change. I had to admit that the only people I've ever known who really had CHANGE are those who had a real vital secret prayer life! Now if you balance this with a proper corporate experience with other believers, I believe the Lord will have both tracks on which to move with His locomotive! As always, I do not always agree with everything on others sites so my disclaimer still applies. I would point you to one more important page on this website as to the spiritual side, but this time the corporate, that you may see the eternal and ultimate purpose of God as seen in the Introduction and Conclusion of the Bible. I hope that in all this God will reveal to you the vital need of BALANCE in order for Him to get HIS GOAL!

To point you to one more site that contains balance between right outward practice and spiritual depth I will refer you to Seedsowers! Now to balance out the link on Babylon above, I will refer you to the next link below!


This link has recently been reinstated on this site: NFAQ or Non Frequently Asked Questions is better put: "IAQ: Infrequently Asked Questions" or "Questions That Should Be Asked More Often" which is a title by Neil Girrard, whose article on this subject concerns real matters that profoundly affect all of us though we do not like to admit it. Neil temporarily took his site down but he just put up a new one! To see it click on his name above. However the NFAQ I could not find on the new site. There is another article on his new site that is excellent on the subject: "Questions and Answers about Churchianity."

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