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The Revelation of the Lost Keys
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The most important revelation ever given by
God to a man during the 20th century!


This site has been re-done. The old site with the old look and feel .... well, most folks found the color combinations there hard to read.

Yes, there are some rather sharp and pointed statements on this web site. I have learned that to love and bless the people of God without hurting them does NOT mean there cannot be rebuke! In fact, these days the opposite is true. A warning must indeed be sounded. IT IS TIME TO BLOW A TRUMPET IN ZION!! But believe me, my only motive is that you may be blessed and come to know what it is that is already yours in Christ because of the blood of Jesus. Sometimes we need stop signs and detours to brings us back to the right road. This is why I regard the article on The Crux of the NT and Assembly Life which asks "Are you sure you're on the right train? as possibly one of the most important articles ever written these days. Please check it out if you check out nothing else on this site.

A dear friend of mine recently lost a job. It indeed was true that she did not do as well as she should have on the job BUT the dear Christians she worked for did not even give her fair warning FIRST that they would fire her if she did not do certain things. They just fired her. Why did they not rebuke and warn her first? Were they scared of her? Were they afraid to hurt her feelings? THIS is not Jesus love (read Matthew 23!)! This is downright CRUELTY!!! As a result my friend was deeply wounded and really hurt and cried three hours.

There is no room for this kind of unfaithfulness and dis-loyalty in the kingdom of God! You bet I'll rebuke your pants off and though I may not be a friend to your dead traditional rigormortous type of meeting practice I am still your friend if ?I am faithful to your soul. It's your choice of course.

I invite your comments and criticisms of this page. Let's talk! Truth shall do us good. Although I fully condemn non-scriptural traditions which maim the Body of Christ and kill the function of its members, I still would not be like some who put you under a law lest I become just like the thing I'm coming against! If you remain a die hard Baptist, you can still e-mail me and I'll still talk to you! If you don't leave the institutional church because of whatever reasons I'm not saying on this site that you're going to hell! If hell or heaven was based on works none of us would be saved. The grace of God is extended towards those who believe and the choices of how to carry that out is of course up to you. My only purpose for this site is to point the way to a deeper richer dearer closer experience of both your personal life with Christ and a better more vibrant corporate or assembly life with other believers as fellow living stones in God's building showing forth His glories and excellencies! I hope you would stop here for a while and take a serious look. I do not do speaking engagements nowadays and maybe I never will. I am actually living out what I have posted as the way to go on these pages and am in my wasted years. God has put me on the shelf and I may never come off it! Every Christian needs this kind of time to sit at Jesus feet and to get to know Him.

However I would gladly like to communicate with anyone who is willing by e-mail. Please write me whenever you can at and I will try to answer you. May His grace be yours.

Do you live in Federal Way? Please! Click here as we are open to meet with those who want a city-wide expression of the Body of Christ and who have a heart to be built up to be HIS BRIDE! God bless you.