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The most important revelation ever given by
God to a man during the 20th century!



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The Divine Romance by Gene Edwards: This is THE GREATEST book written during the 20th century, PERIOD!!!! If you believe Christian books are the best BOOKS then you have three choices. See Bio section and scroll down to "Introduction to GENE EDWARDS’ BOOKS" for a poll taken of Christian bookstore managers in the 20th century. Wow!!!! (Now here is another fact about Gene Edwards: There are some hurts that modern day people have found through practical ministry errors. My DISCLAIMER concerning him can be found on my article NOTHouseChurch.html.) The three books called LITERATURE are My Utmost for His Highest by Oswold Chambers, Mere Christianity by C. S. Lewis and this one. I would say this book has the strongest anointing of the three. It brings you into the very heart throb of the Heavenly Bridegroom and spiritually conveys to the reader the precious value with which the Lord regards His beloved in that He has paid such a high price for her! Many brothers have testified they have cried and cried because they were taken into the very heart of God! Now, how could Gene write such a book about the times and places he did in direct relation to God's eternal purpose and innate heart's desire? Because the brother has been there!! A MUST MUST READ!!!!!

Lost! NT Realities Made of None Effect due to the Traditions of Men by Kevin “the NorthWest” is my newest book. This book is somewhat along the same lines as Frank Viola's (now also co-authored with George Barna) new book Pagan Christianity? except that I approach it from the angle of the unsearchable riches of Christ. It takes a good look at most of the traditions the institutional church has inherited which are from the source of flesh and blood instead of from Christ. This online version is my weak attempt to try to see what has been made of none effect concerning the unsearchable riches of Christ to Christians as a result of making His Word of none effect by these practices!! But Christ is SO RICH How could we know all the things so freely given us in Him?? You'll find out it really is a shame that we have missed so much but not only is it not too late to turn around but we can change this and do something about it!! A MUST READ. New!! Click on the next link to read or download it as a Adobe Acrobat file: Lost! NT Realities Made of None Effect due to the Traditions of Men It is even better than the online version!



Reimagining Church by Frank Viola is #2 on my list for good reason. After tasting the reason and the purpose for creation, redemption and everything God does in The Divine Romance one feels the need for the means for fulfilling the end. There needs to be a way to carry out God's purpose in bringing the Bride to the Husband and so the Wine needs a wineskin. For the online version (only part of it is online now) go to Frank Viola's web site! Man, I like that site! Frank proves that those meeting outside the organized DO have a right to exist! However, when he come to this book he says: Wineskin demonstrates beyond dispute that the modern institutional church doesn't have a right to exist! THAT'S WHAT I'M SAYING ON THIS SITE! Again: A MUST READ.

NEW!! The Day I was Crucified as Told by Jesus the Christ - AS powerful as the movie: The Passion of the Christ. It seems both artists, Gene Edwards and Mel Gibson have the same Holy Spirit living within although their artistic talents as given by our Creator are different! But isn't it amazing that both this book and the movie were released at the same time! They say the movie is more powerful if you've read the book 1st and I can vouch for that as I've seen it before and after. Our dear Lord was obviously strengthened supernaturally in order to suffer all He did for us. The movie can't obviously show us the INWARD sufferings of becoming sin and swallowing death as a whole that our Lord did but by the same token, the book cannot give you the graphics of that day. Once again the Lord would remind us of the centrality of His CROSS!

NEW!! Pagan Christianity? by Frank Viola is another MUST READ on my list and it is brand new. For an online excerpt and ordering information, click on the picture on the left which will take you to Frank Viola's web site! This book ought to and NEEDS to make history. That's the subject matter of this book by the way: History. THIS book, again you MUST READ. I predict that if this book can be promoted it WILL change the course of history!!!!!! There are many Christians including some that I know personally in the organized church that have been begging for this book because it PROVES beyond ALL doubt that the majority of our Protestant practices and traditions which we hold to and which hold the majority of us as Christians are pagan as to their origin. Yes, there are other books that do this but finally here is one that is documented with footnotes and references. I would definitely thank God for Frank as this brother has paid a heavy price for doing this work which has been needing to be done for several centuries now. In my online book Lost! NT Realities Made of None Effect, I changed some my facts and figures due to Frank's studies and research done on the subject of the origins of the traditions of men. I would also say this work is very well spun and woven together as to the relationship between all the present day practices to each other and to the reason for the present day dysfunctionality of God's people.

See HERE for more new books by Frank Viola: also he has written a book recently called STRAIGHT TALK TO ELDERS. This could have been entitled Straight talk to Pastors, just as well. It's goooooood!!!

Revolution, the Story of the Early Church A quote on the cover of this book said "This book has to be answered or modern day Christianity should be dismantled." Has it been answered? No! This is a life-changing block buster of the kind you can't put down concerning the first part of the book of Acts bringing it alive! SeedSowers used to have a FREE DOWNLOAD of this book online in .pdf format, but it is no longer available that way. For information on their site click here! Of note on their site is another Gene's excellent books: "When the Church was Led Only by Laymen."

The following is a list of more books I've found links to that pertain to the NT way of meeting versus today's man-made deadening traditions. At this present time they are no longer available online. For more see my list of authors on the left. 1st, more by Gene Edwards: A super important book is How to Meet in Homes. Again, that is also a MUST READ. It shows the vast difference from the way WE set up the church and the way PAUL was used to BIRTH and raise the Assembly. Also, by the same author: . This shows us where our Protestant practices come from. THIS will enable you to get up and walk out of there, believe me! IMPORTANT NOTE: Frank Viola has just written what was going to be called "FROM THE CROSS TO THE CATHEDRAL but has been changed to PAGAN CHRISTIANITY and now has been CHANGED AGAIN ADDING CO-AUTHOR GEORGE BARNA TO THE TITLE PAGAN CHRISTIANITY?(AS I HAVE ALREADY REFERRED TO ABOVE): Uncovering the Unbiblical Origins of Our Protestant Church Practices backing this one up but showing the actual proof in dates and times of the origins of modern day traditions. When this book comes out there will no longer be any excuse for anyone for maintaining our present day mode of operandi !!!!!

Further works: Overlooked Christianity (not presently found on their site but worth writing them for, Climb the Highest Mountain and one you'll also have to write them for: The Americanization of Christianity. A good one also found on the site is WHEN THE CHURCH WAS LED ONLY BY LAYMEN. (this is FREE online at George Davis' site) Rethinking Elders (THIS book has not received the acclaim it deserves! A refreshing, surprising new and enlightening look at NT leadership from a backdrop of the best Biblical study there is!!! In fact the chronological order with the real historical background may be one of the only Bible study methods that is valid. This is not only a best book on leadership it is the best on how to approach the scriptures. I rate it a #1 and another MUST READ. Unfortunatley, I KNOW it is available on tape but did not find it in book form on thweir site. Perhaps if you try, you can still order it in book form) Also try An Open Letter to House Church Leaders are also all by Gene Edwards. Another good book widely acclaimed these days and I give it the award of being actually BALANCED is Who is Your Covering also by Frank Viola.

More: Missionary Methods: St. Paul's Or Ours?- by Roland Allen, The Torch Of The Testimony- by John W. Kennedy, The Great Ecclesiastical Conspiracy, Falling Away from the Simple Faith(in 2 parts 1. The Great Apostasy and 2. UN-REPLACING CHRIST and are avialable through postal mail for free if you send for them - details are at: . These books are by by George Davis and Michael Clark. The Body of Christ: A Reality by Watchman Nee. Also by the same: The Normal Christian Church-life. This has also been entitled Concerning Our Missions. THIS BOOK changed my life by helping me see that today's Christianity was vaaastly different from the NT!! This book is also online free. More titles: Life Together, The book Toward a House-Church Theology, is not totally accurate (to see why see my article on this at Addendum 3) and also see THE CHURCH TRIUMPHANT!!!

Biblical Dyslexia: by Charles J. Wilhelm. This is a brother who has been writing me from Germany where he lives. So he sent me a free copy and it's one amazing book! Indeed! Without a living breathing experience of the Holy Spirit and a living unveiling faith, it's true that you cannot understand the Bible. I would say MOST Christians are in this category because of the religious veils of today's mindset. (An example of these things is Witness Lee's Life Study of the Psalms. It points out that not every word in scripture is the Word of God (actually NONE of the words written in scripture are the Word of God!!!!!!! To see what I mean and the SCRIPTURAL BASIS FOR THIS FACT see ONLY that which God speaks directly to you and me is scripturally the Word of God!!!!! Knowing this fact WILL change your life!) but rather some of the written words are true reports of the sentiments and opinions of men such as Job's 3 friends, law keeping Psalmists and quotes of words that Satan spoke. You need discernment as to whether the reference is to the tree of life or the tree of the knowledge of good and evil). Anyhow, Charles' new book has a fresh new approach to the scripture that will give you a whole new angle of light and insight into the scriptures. A MUST READ!! Along this line of thought on Hall Worthington's site are many books most precious indeed. They are the writings of the early Quakers. Especially I would point you to probably the greatest ministry and example of a man of God since Jesus Christ and Paul of Tarsus: George Fox. Wow! You would think a autobiography from 500 years ago would be boring but NOT!! To read his autobiography click here. All this leads to the next book and Gene Edward's MASTERPIECE:

REVOLUTIONARY BIBLE STUDY!! (!!!!!!! Yup! That good!)

by Gene Edwards .... now this book is his last but not least by any means. Understanding the Bible is crucial, but if you don't read it in the correct historical and chronological order you destroy the basic tenant of learning God set forth through Isaiah the prophet: line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little, there a little. Without the previous concepts and reading the FIRST written books first then you WILL get lost. Hmmmm ... is THIS why there are so many books written today on Bible study, commentaries and learning???? ENDLESS MULTITUDES of books have been written and still the New Testament is not being understood! Why? People are reading it in the wrong order! This is like approaching a math or science course with several volumes of learning and reading them in the wrong order! It will never work! However, THIS book (which Gene says took him over 40 years to write!!!!) not only presents the books of the NT in their proper order, it gives you the priceless historical background AND biblical baackground also. I have placed a New Testament in the order written on this site (see previous link), and it is, I believe the best and most accurate version in the world. ALSO IT IS NOW WITHOUT CHAPTERS AND VERSES!!! This is the only one online you will find!!!! Gene Edwards has plans to put a chronlogical NT into print soon. For further explanation of these things see my article: How I Came to be Crystal Clear on the New Testament. Also on these links please read the tabs on the top of these pages to get into the FULL experience of the WORD OF GOD. You will find out that the way into this reality has much to do with calling upon the Name of the Lord Jesus! May God's grace and blessing be on you!

DISCLAIMER: Just because I post these authors' names on my web site does not mean I necessarily endorse everything each of them has to say! Of course not! You must compare what they say and search the scriptures for yourself. However I would also like to qualify (or rather disqualify my heading of "outside the camp" as not being 100% true of ALL of these authors concerning House Church themes. Some of them died with some kind of agreement with the institutional church on things that are traditions of men and not of God. However, I would like to go on record as agreeing with Paul of Tarsus statement: "what agreement hath the temple of God with idols?" II Cor.7:16. There should be NONE

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