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Why I am NOT a "House Church" Guy

Related to Gene Edwards Disclaimer

It's true, there is a lot of mention of "Home Assembly" and "Home Church" and links to such on my site, but I still have to say I'm not a house church or home assembly guy, although I believe it's OK for the ECCLESIA to meet "according to their homes" as the book of Acts says. Note that that was spoken concerning the ONE ASSEMBLY in the city of Jerusalem where the "eccesia" started .... and there was only EVER one ecclesia in that city. It is not against scripture for the ecclesia of God to meet almost anywhere (except unlawful places for believers to even be, of course) and the fact that they met in homes was doubtless because that is where their free time was spent; but Jesus met on a hillside, in a garden, etc. etc.

The problem arises (and this was addressed by Watchman Nee during his ministry) that if you make the home the BOUNDARY of a "church" or the ecclesia (can you tell I HATE the word "church" - I explain why in other parts of my site and NO! I'm NOT going to compromise on that point!!!) or we can call it an assembly although that is not the full meaning of the New Testament word "ecclesia", then you have contradicted the scriptures because the whole NT ONLY knows ONE assembly PER one CITY (or town, village or probably the best term is locality).

Now some folks are going to call me out on this and say I'm being legalistic; but when you say that what do you mean? If you mean it's OK to sin that grace may abound, you are just talking to the wrong guy. You disagree with Paul. God created 2 trees in the garden. AFTER He created what He created He called EVERYTHING He made GOOD!! Really???? Yup! ALLLL of it was good! So why did He tell man not to eat the tree of the knowledge of good and evil? (By the way He never said they would never ever eat of that tree but the timing for it was not yet because they were not yet ready for that .... and very very few are ready for it today) In the garden where the tomb of Christ was came Mary, the first woman to visit there after the resurrection, (Eve was the first woman to visit the first garden and this word "touch" shows just one connection between these 2 gardens and also these two gardens are connected to the garden of Gethsemane)and she was astounded to meet the Risen Lord and was, of course, anxious to embrace Him. But He said a strange thing to her: "touch Me not; for I have not yet ascended to My Father ..." This IS related to Eve's possibly false statement (because God may have never said "don't touch" concerning the knowledge tree)that they were commanded not to touch it or they would die. So what are these 2 trees? The 2 covenants! You could also say the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is a mature relationship with Father God where you love His law, delight to obey Him and always follow the Lamb wherever He goes. And He has never ever done anything lawless and never will. And the Tree of Life is obviously, if you study carefully all scriptures concerning it, is relatedness to the Son of God as eating Him to take Him in as our LIFE. However, the OK relationship with the tree of the knowledge of good and evil could also mean a person such as Hebrews talks about as follows:

Hb 5:13 for every one who is partaking of milk is unskilled in the word of righteousness--for he is an infant,

YLT Hb 5:14 and of perfect men is the strong food, who because of the use are having the senses exercised, unto the discernment both of good and of evil.

So Jesus ascending to the Father means we must ONLY arrive at the tree of the knowledge of good and evil BY and THROUGH CHRIST and His finished work which was prepared fully when He ascended AFTER His cross work and rising work. Of course this work must have it's full way in us.

So the law is good! That 2nd tree is good. But we must come to that tree by eating the LIFE tree which is a relationship with Jesus NOT try to come to a relationship with Jesus by eating the other tree (yuk! THAT would be like eating bark but so many many people DO it!) .... So what am I saying here? Many many people today attempt to DO THINGS and NOT do bad things in order to GET a relationship with God, not realizing how fallen they already are. But that will never work. Instead we must accept through the cross a relationship with God RIGHT NOW and then through that He will gradually write His laws upon our hearts as the writers of Hebrews and Jeremiah and the book of Dueteronomy (WHERE THE NEW COVENANT WAS GIVEN AND STATED, BY THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!) so plainly state. SOOOOOO: FIRST, we should never agree with sin, but we do sin from time to time so let's admit it and come to Christ for forgiveness. John in 1st John defined sin saying "sin is the transgression of the law" so being disobedient to God's law is NEVER right no matter how you dress it up. SECOND: Even though obeying the law is what we want to do and ought to do the MODUS OPERANDI cannot be trying to attain to the law on our own to make God like us or enter into a relationship with God for that is the Old Covenant related to physical Jerusalem, Hagar and Ishmeal according to Galations chapter 4. This covenant was made when the children of Israel made marriage vows to God saying "all the LORD has spoken to us we will do" at the foot of mount Sinai. This covenant no man can keep. THIRD : Through admiting our sin, believing in Christ, accepting His blood, receiving His grace and entering into the free relationship He offers, we must EAT and DRINK HIM the true Tree of Life and River of Life, and thereby have God's law written on our hearts so that more and more we will come into agreement with Him and will more and more naturally want to obey Him and more and more actually do it! So BY relationship the law will be fulfilled in us by love rather than trying to fulfill the law on our own in order to get relatioinship. So the only way to come to "Tree of the Knowledge ..." is BY the "Tree of Life" not vice versa. Vice versa will never work. As Jesus said " no man comes to the Father but BY Me." Coming straight to the tree of the knowledge of good and evil didn't even work BEFORE the fall! So how could it work now?? But the Muslims still don't get it. The Jews still don't get it. Hek, even the Christians still don't get it!!!

So how does this apply to one assembly per one city? THIS! I LOVE the concept of one assembly for one city because I love Jesus and because that is the ONLY way God presented assemblies (see my main book chapters 2 and 3) and I have experienced the blessedness of this so, no! There cannot be denominational walls that could be lawful before the throne dividing believers in the same locality. YES! There can be meetings more than one in one city as long as they all come together from time to time and realize the ASSEMBLY is ALL believers who live in a locality : why?? Because I agree with the man of God who wrote the scripture "how I love Thy law, Oh Lord!" I LOVE IT! I tell you! So although many "house church" folks have in many ways left the system of today's Christianity, to say meeting in a house is OK as long as you don't meet in church buildings etc. etc. is NOT me, OK? I am NOT a house assembly guy. I AM A LOCAL ASSEMBLY GUY!!!!!!

So how does this relate to Gene Edwards? Because I have hardly ever heard him say there can only be one assembly per one city. But first I'll bring up another issue. Recently a brother pointed out to me that many brothers (SEE ) and sisters have been hurt by this man's ministry and it seemed to him I should drop mention of Gene from this web site, however, that is certainly NOT what Jon Zens did on his web site! Instead he pointed out some problems concerning Gene Edwards. So I would have those who visit my site beware by doing the exact same thing. That article linked to in this paragraph points out he has exalted himself above other workers desiring also a more organic meeting of God's people instead of today's "GMO" style junk food leavened approach filled with the TURDitions of men as I like to call it saying he is superior to them all. So yes, this has hurt some folks and caused some problems. But I will still mention Gene Edwards on my site because although he may not still be perfect I will not repeat the error of the original Protestants starting with Luther, Calvin and Zwingli etc. by throwing out the baby with the bath water (I explain this on my Lost Depths page) just cause the bath water is dirty. So instead I will say probably Gene's book the Divine Romance is STILL the best concerning God's romance on the market, and would recommend it to anyone, but would not recommend joining his "assemblies." Although I have visited his assemblies, I would not join them. But I choose to still mention him as a good writer although I'm not in complete agreement with his errors. Why? Because the Bible says so. Please read: Jer 15:19: Therefore, thus said Jehovah: If thou turnest back, then I bring thee back, Before Me thou dost stand, And if thou bringest out the precious from the vile, As My mouth thou art! They--they turn back unto thee, And thou dost not turn back unto them. This explains why I would even point to some writings of some Roman Catholics on my site. Does that mean I agree with Roman Catholicism? With some of their doctrines YES, but others NO! Understand?

Another online article that explains about Gene Edwards is and a most interesting point of it was that although Gene teaches a true sent one of God should leave the people he has raised up on their own to face the testing fires of life, doctrine and the gates of hell to see what they are made of as to whether the sent one was really all about " nothing among you except Jesus Christ and Him crucified" and so, building with tempered instead of untempered mortar, instead, from what I gather, Gene left his spies in the "house churches" he raised up to try to influence them the "right" way, I would guess. Well, I cannot agree with this. It is, of course, unscriptural according to Acts 14 where Paul set the example by leaving each Galatian assembly of the 4 he raised up on their own for 2 years at least after he had raised them up. Of course you may say he had to cause they had less communications then than we do now. But that makes what I'm saying as the template of raising an assembly according to New Testament standards even harder these days, no?

So what has been MY problem with Gene Edwards which I have held for years. Well I got more than one disagreement. (Hek is there ANYBODY on earth I completely agree with?? Not even one person so far!!!) FIRST!!! And I say this about ANY minister who dares to preach and teach the false doctrine I'm about to mention here. He still maintains the HORRIBLE, dishonoring to God doctrine of eternal hell. Of course I contradict MANY ministers and believers by saying this. But this doctrine has caused too too many people to literally go insane, go to insane asylums, become emotionally sick, turn to big Pharma drugs, etc. etc. The worst thing about it is: it DEFACES the face of God! When people in the Old Testament burned their own children in sacrifices to idols, Yahweh said that such a thing never came to His mind. In other words, such a thing was a far from God's thought processes as the East is from the West. But today's debased Christianity attributes such attributes to our Creator! Awful I tell you! It's SICK!! And it makes people sick. Literally God could not bear even thinking about evil men burning their children in fire; yet today's preachers (many of them), being ignorant of the scriptures and the power of God, say that God will burn His creatures in eternal flames forever and forever??? REALLY??? OK, so go read if you disagree with me and after you really truly opened up to the Bible studies on that site, then come back and try to talk to me about it. But first, then, read my article: Death To Death before you try emailing me. Deal with this honestly according to Proverbs 18:13. Anyway, Gene believes this nonsense. So does Billy Graham. Lots of others too.


The other doctrine I have a problem with is on Gene Edwards book list there are TWO books concerning Christian unity. NEITHER of them dare bring out the TRUTH concerning how allll the believers in one locality are members of the SAME assembly - THE SAME ONE ASSEMBLY! Really???? I could never agree with this. I don't see a stand taken for the ground of oneness. If you wish to understand what I am saying see Chapter 2 of my "lost keys" book and MAYBE God will reveal this to you. Also, there are 2 other articles on my site .... see this link, then this one.

Well that's all about Gene I got folks! Although he has many riches of grace to offer, watch out for the stuff I mentioned, and you don't want to join his groups. Too many hurting people. But I am not your Lord, am I? We ALL make mistakes and are ordained to have some level of blindness. It is ordained from above or God's PLAN would not have actually HAPPENED! But HAPPENED it HAS!!!!!! And IS!! Have you seen THIS?????? I HAVE!!!!! HALLELUJAH!!!!


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