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2nd Vision of Christ: His Baptism Through Father's Eyes


There is no greater show on earth than seeing things through the eyes of God. Of course, this article will blow the lid off of some folks theology. But theology is not necessarily God's priority, is it? No! His priority is LOVE! And His number one love is His Son.

I'm not sure how this happened but probably I was reading the Bible and came to the story of Jesus baptism by John the Baptist in the river Jordan. I have had many visions of Christ as many believers have also had. One of the most sugnificant of which I have already written of is in my article entitled A Vision of Christ, which is a view of Him during His earthly life through disciples and sick folk's eyes, however, this view was through Father's eyes viewed through the Holy Spirit!! So although I have seen other visions of Him, I call this the second vision, for it is the 2nd one on this site because it is the 2nd one important enough to write about. Although I have desired to write about this years ago, there is a very important reason I have not been allowed to do so until this very day.

So here I was nearly 1,983 years ago in a different time and country, but not seeing things from a world point of view but from a heavenly point of view! I was so in Father it was as if I were saying the words with Him as He was saying them: "This is My beloved Son in Whom I am well pleased." This is not because I am God (although ALL true believers are in DNA sense!) but was in God and am part of God! Well! I have never seen the Lord Jesus as more precious than I saw Him then! And I have found that I can revisit that experience any time I choose!!! This is one of the things that amazes me most about all this! It is as if it was written upon my heart and since that time it has been part of me and is so eternal it can never be taken away! There are some things like manna that get into but the effects are temporary and there are other things like the hidden manna in golden pot inside the ark inside the holy of holies that have an eternal mark and everlasting change on your life!

Seeing the precious Lamb of God through Father's eyes is to see the preciousness of this One through the eyes of the Eternal ageless INFINITE One Himself! Did I see even 1/10,000`nth of what He saw? How could I? His view is infinite. I could only enter in somewhat according to my finiteness and it was almost too much for me to take in and I'm sure if I had been allowed a greater view in this present mortal body, I could not have contained the glory and wonder of it all. Indeed I might have exploded and died on the spot if I had seen it in any other way that in a probably limited way. But let's just say this: I have never seen the Lord Jesus with such an ATTITUDE as in that BEING! What Being you might ask. Well, that's just it. I was not merely viewing Him through carnal eyes but through the eyes of the all knowing, all perceiving Father Who is the Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient God Who sees all things in every time and place and THIS was HIS FAVORITE!

This was a most holy moment. To see this Lamb of God through Father's eyes was more awesome than if I had been at the burning bush where God called the ground "holy ground", if you know what I mean. It was as if "take the shoes off your feet" would have applied. It was sacred to Him. And if this was sacred to him, it should be sacred to you and me. In fact since God is Spirit and they that worship him must do so in spirit and in truth which means reality, then I guess God the Father must be the Spirit and IN SPIRIT as Jesus stated by saying "God is Spirit." So to feel as did Father did and worship as He does! Surely you probably never heard this preached or seen it written in any theology books that the Father is worshipping the Son. you might have heard that the Son worships the Father but not that the Father worships the Son. But I was experiencing reality, not doctrine and surely not theology! So the Son must BE GOD! Yes!! And surely He is! Folks, this is not meant to fit your thinking cap or human concepts. I'm NOT talking about that! I'm talking about what is REALLY important.

NOW!!!! Let's talk about the SECOND time God said those words: "This is My Beloved Son in Whom I am well pleased" because the 2nd time He said it He revelaed to us the MOST IMPORTANT SECRET OF LIFE!! And what's that? Well, it should be no secret to anyone, it ought to be shouted from the rooftops. Father's next words were "HEAR YOU HIM". VERY important indeed!

So here I was inside His heart as He was speaking these words so all could hear them! So I had HIS view looking down upon this wet baptized precious precious Lamb of God realizing He is whiter than snow! The purity, loveliness, holiness, royalty and utter beauty of this Dear One could not be measured! While the words were being spoken a white Dove was descending moving away and upon Him so I was viewing this freshly baptized Lamb through the Dove as this fluttering Dove moving down and away from Father was transparent so the Christ was seen through the Spirit. At this point I realized we truly CAN enter into and partake of the fellowship that flows between the Father and His Son and the fellowship that flows between Them IS the Holy Spirit! Yes it still IS true that Father IS the Spirit and that Christ IS the Spirit but the fact that all 3 are ONE does not mean there are not still THREE! So there is a relationship that has always been there and always will be. Yes, it is possible to enter into this fellowship and we are called to enter into it according to I Cor. 1:9 and I John 1:3.

So why, after all these years, am I, this day, allowed to finally write about this? Well the Spirit bade me do so finally after reading Dr Stephen Jones Bible study concerning Christ's baptism as written in the book of Luke. The link is: One of the major reasons is that that article concerns the fulfillment of the 2 doves and the 2 goats. The 2 goats (one killed and one living and set free although it's freedom was beset by the "AZAZEL", the devil, for awhile, and tested in the wilderness for awhile) were for the Day of Atonement (whcih was the VERY DAY Jesus was baptized by the only person God recognized as the high priest in that day and age: John the Baptist!) (Jesus became the FIRST AND FINAL High Priest after a new order of Melchisedek after John the Baptist and His Own death so you could say John was the final high priest of the old covenant age bringing in the new covenant age by offering the ONLY new covenant Sacrifice in and through the baptism of Jesus.) to FULFILL the Day of Atonement .... well, maybe! There may be FUTURE FULFILLMENT OF THAT FEAST DAY IN CHIRST'S SECONC COMING! Did John really understand what was going on? NO! But the Lord Jesus did! Also, this was the fulfillment of the sacrifice of the 2 DOVES (signified by the Spirit as a Dove descending upon Jesus) as foretold by the passages in Leviticus and II Kings 5 to beat leprosy within us which leprosy signifies death and mortality within us. The writer of the last link above is Bro Jones, who I think is the best Bible teacher alive today. Why would I say that? Well just go to his web site, read his book on Daniel's 70 weeks which book is different from the other false views and go from there. THAT is a pivot point of ALL kinds of true or false concepts and extremely important. So I would say that to say this: God is trying, at this time, to make connections to reveal His FIRST work AND His SECOND work and to bring you into both. The baptism of Jesus was the event DANIEL WROTE ABOUT AS BEING THE MIDDLE OF THE LAST WEEK OF THE SEVENTY WEEKS!! 3 and 1/2 years later He paid the price in His crucifixion, which was the end of the 70 weeks ..... so.... what I am saying is: God is ALWAYS speaking and His fellowship is available to us. God never stops speaking! But ....... are you listening? Are you seeking, searching and pressing forward to the mark of His high calling? Are you really listening?

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