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This page has links OTHER than house-church or deeper life.
Alternative Sites Unseen
These guys ROCK!!! This is the biggest Jesus site portal online!!!

Various Books Links

C. S. Lewis The writer's official site.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library! This has got to be my favorite site! Many books on deep walk with Christ are found here, but also many classical writings from famous authors and preachers. You will find here the writings of the early church fathers here also - accurate or not - it is worth a look!!

Electronic Journals Lots of online books and writings available.

THEOLOGICAL LIBRARY This is a Catholic library. So be careful! Not all the doctrine is scriptural. In fact some of this is hereitical.

eBooks Site Great Books Collections are online. This links to great Christian books all over the internet!

Books online page: Same as above - only more so!!

Living Stream : ALL these books are by either Wathman Nee or Witness Lee. Here you will find the complete works of Watchman Nee. Excellent! As always my disclaimer applies.

Another Catholic collection: Again, be careful! I include these because there are some among them with true depth.

Dialogues From Past I should have put this in the "Depths" section. (Or did I???) Awesomly deep writings are here including Jacob Beohme


You'll find links here other than "house-church" subjects and deeper life subjects. Most of these are Bible based or pertaining to the faith of Jesus Christ. There are, of course, subjects other than those dealt with on this site, that have their place and importance. However, the ones pertaining to sitting at Jesus feet and a corporate experience of Him together are what I considerf to be more important subjects. In fact, Jesus said this is the one thing needful. However, here on this page there are links to other Christian sites on various other although less important subjects - still they are important. Also I do have a few links to family and friends sites some of which are not even pertaining to the faith.

Phillip & Mike at Sites Unseen. Click here or on the banner above. Again I say These guys rock!! This is THE earth's NUMURO UNO Jesus sites portal. There are 8,000 sites and counting.
Firey LinksGod’s Kingdom Ministries - This brother, Dr. Stephen Jones, has earned the right to replace this section of this web page. He has got to be the best Bible teacher alive today!! Of particular note is his daily online blog. If you follow it, you will soon understand things about the scriptures and the Kingdom of God you never dreamed of. Also of note is his view of the book of Revelation in the FFI section. Not the norm for today!
Living Stream Ministry Online Publications: Wow! Whole books by Watchman Nee and Witness Lee are now accessible online, including Witness Lee's "Life-Studies" of the scriptures! Right now they actually have the entire works of Watchman Nee online! Be careful, though, that you do not copy or download from this site as it is under strict Copyright. What a blessing!

The AMAZING BIBLE site is A mega-site of Bible, Christian and religious information & studies; including, audio and written KJV Bible, Bible helps & tools, churches, Doctrine, links, news,
prayer, prophecy, sermons, spiritual warfare, statistics, and tracts. Features the Chronological 4 Gospels (!!!), Prayer Book, Prophecy Bible, and a photo tour of Israel

Airport terminal meetingVarious Photos�- My brother in law, Mike Passerotti put this on the web, but they're all mostly of me and my family. Some are of my daughter's wedding, some of a Christmas a couple years back. There's a shot my grandpa won a national prize for - of a boy in a cornfield - that's me!

The Passerotti Family - My sister and brother in law's family, of course. These are just some of the Passerotti family photos that I put on the web when I visited them. Sharon Passerotti used to be Sharon (my last name, which I refrain from ujsing on my site) and in the Tofstupal site, I think there are some photos of us as kids.

A Special Report- Also called "Brother's most intelligent meeting." I forget what book Brother Rob from Lacey told me he used. But he passed around a hat with papers in it 4 times that morning. Each one of us had to either come up with a noun, adverb or descriptive word concerning whatever, etc. After this it was added to an existing script and the silly result is what is on these two short web pages! My daughter Monique and her baby son (my grandson whose now 8!) Anthony are in the first picture. Funny indeed!

Resources for Biblical studies
Good resources for historical writings from Biblical times.

Welcome to Alicia's Corner - As you can see, my niece Alicia Passerotti sure has talent. I was privileged, when I visited years ago, to help her put together this small sub-site.

PaulDad pics - Yes, this contains some family photos. But there is no good explanations. To understand the silly inscriptions you have to go to my niece, Alicia's artwork page that's next to see where all that came from. We were too lazy to change the text. Whoops, sorry! Somebody didn't like me and cut my face off the only photo of me in there so you still haven't seen me. Oh well! (there's an old picture of me on the 3rd page) My dad who passed away 12 years back is on the 1st photo.

Peaks to CrittersPeaks to Critters - Allen Sherman, a old friend of mine, who retired from the Navy about 6 months before I did, did a lot of photo scanning for me and my family. Thanks, Allen! He is an excellent photographer - as you'll see from this site. If you want a good view of the state of Washington's scenic State and National Parks, many of these shots reveal just some of the beauty nature has to offer in the state I live in. Awesome place here.

Sherman family Tree

Another one of Allen's sites: the� Sherman Family�and other related family histories, facts and photos are on this site. There is actually a Sherman Family foundation behind all this. You'll also find some history of the State of Michigan where I also was born.

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