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Questions & Answers

Q. What exactly will I be selling?
You will be marketing the largest eLibrary on the internet today with free ebooks, software, ecards, screensavers and a lot more. You will also be promoting a Travel Discount and Product Savings package, including a FREE computer, shopper discounts, theme park attractions, free film and many other great benefits.

Q. How do I sell my product?
Using our easy Turn-Key system, you simply direct prospects through a proven 4 Step process. 1) They listen to a recorded overview which describes the whole plan from A to Z. 2) When you follow up with them, or they call you back for more information, you direct them to your professionally designed self-replicating web site. 3) You direct them to a Live Conference Call so they can have their questions answered. 4) They sign up on your web site, and you earn another $1000. We basically close the sales for you during the conference calls. With this system in place, 85% of the work is done for you.

Q. Why should I enroll into YOUR group?
Without question, you need to join our group because of our unparalleled support package. From your First Day, we provide you with all the tools you need to start making money your first week. You will earn a $1000 commission for each cash sale! Money like this adds up quickly. This is why we're the fastest growing organization in the industry!

Q. How can I get started the fastest?
First, you must acquaint yourself with the business plan provided in the Members Only Section. It is a proven system for success that will get you off to the fastest start possible. Be sure to keep in constant contact with your Sponsor for maximum benefit to learn all you need to know about our turnkey marketing system.

Q. How can I find new customers or business opportunity seekers?
There are many ways to accomplish this very easily. By using an effective prospecting approach (included in our Marketing Package), you should easily bring 5-10 people or even more into your group your first month! We also show you the best places to advertise and suggested marketing tools to help jump-start your business.

Q. What is the most effective ad copy & how do I get camera-ready flyers?
We will show you proven ads that have pulled high response rates time and time again. You will not have to worry about writing effective ad copy and testing your ads over and over. We have done all of this for you already. We can also provide camera-ready flyers for you to use in fax broadcasting or other fax promotional means. In the Member�s Only area we will supply vendor�s names and phone numbers to help you with advertising. You can also contact your Sponsor for assistance.

Q. What support systems should I put in place?
You will be able to use the same exact system we have in place for everyone you bring into your business. We'll provide you with conference calls, 24 hour hotline numbers, fax on demand lines and more. You will not have to worry about support at all; just concentrate on building your business. We provide you with all the tools and support you'll need to generate massive success with this opportunity.

Q. Any training calls and 24 hour hotline numbers?
YES! We have all these tools already in place for you and your future group to plug into and to help grow their business with. Information on these tools will be in the Member�s Only area.

*Below we have listed various questions we received regarding the Vacation Package and the FREE BONUSES we�ve added for all our members. Aside from this list, we do not offer any technical support for these benefits. These certificates, vouchers, and booklets have been provided within your package, therefore any technical support will need to be directed to the redeeming wholesale agencies responsible as indicated.

Q. Are these vacations genuine?
ABSOLUTELY! Resorts have been selling similar packages for over 25 years, and usually selling them for as much as ten times the price of our program. Today, many savvy travelers use promotional packages such as this for all their vacations, saving thousands each year.

Q. Are there any expiration dates?
Most cruises are good for one year, as well as most of the vacations within this package. This means that they are good for (1) year after the date you mail in and activate that particular vacation.

Q. Are any of the benefits transferable?
YES!! Most families simply couldn't take advantage of all these great vacations, so why not pick the ones you want the most, then share the rest with your family and friends? As a rule, only the individual membership cards are not transferable.

Q. Are there restrictions on when we can travel?
Generally speaking, the vacations will not be available during the heaviest peak season or major holidays. Most providers will ask you to submit (3) choices as to when you would like to travel. If you're open to various destinations as well, you will be able to enjoy vacations almost any time you want them.

Q. How far in advance are reservations expected?
Plan well ahead as you would for any vacation for the specific, major vacations offered. Through your club membership, you will also have access to "last minute" trips at huge discounts for cruises, vacations, and condos worldwide that are not sold out.

Q. Can I re-sell any of my trips to customers?
No. These are promotional vacations and are not to be individually resold. Just sell our Membership Benefits Package, which includes many Vacations and Discounts on products and services. It's extremely compelling and allows our members to share with their friends and family.

Q. What forms of payment are accepted?
There are two ways to pay. Plan A -- Members may pay $1,295 plus S&H and applicable sales tax, in full, via electronic check, money order, or cashier's check.. Purchases may also be financed over an 11 or 23 month period if you have an active checking or savings account by authorizing Coastal Plus to automatically debit your bank account. Extra costs and processing fees will be charged if this option is chosen. Details are explained below.

Q. How are members paid?
Cash sale commissions will be sent daily by Express Courier as soon as the new member�s payment is received and cleared or processed by Coastal Plus. The Courier fee will be deducted. Fast Start commissions from financed sales are paid out weekly. Residual commissions on all financed sales will be paid on a monthly basis on the anniversary date of the original sale. If you�re closing sales every week, that will generate weekly residual commissions.

Q. What kind of financing is available?
New members may spread paying for their Membership Package over a period of either eleven or twenty-three months, with payments being automatically debited from either an active checking or savings account.

Q. How much do I pay per month on the automatic bank debit?
After paying the initial down payment of $179.00 plus $20.00 shipping, you can finance the balance for 11 or 23 months. If financed for 11 months, your monthly payment will be $149.00 resulting in a total amount paid of $1838.00. If you finance for 23 months, your monthly payment will be 99.00 resulting in a total amount paid of $2476.00.

REMEMBER, these funds will automatically be deducted monthly from your checking or savings account by Coastal Plus. Any attempts to draft a payment at any time that is not honored by funds being available will result in a $25.00 additional fee being charged when the draft is successful. Any member defaulting on this agreement will be subject to legal action.

Q. How do I get paid commissions on financed sales?
All member commissions for financed sales will include a $100 Fast Start Bonus to be compiled at close of business on Fridays and checks issued on Mondays. The balance of the commission will be divided into monthly residual payments of either $60 or $100 per month, depending on the finance plan chosen. This is an excellent way to create a huge amount of residual income, in addition to any $1000 commissions paid on cash sales along the way.

Q. Can I pay the financed sales off early?
YES! Anyone who finances a Membership Package may pay it off any time during the selected finance period. You can call the office for your pay-off amount.

Q. To qualify for financing, does that mean I have to sign a Lease Contract or accept a Merchant's Account with a long-term commitment?
NO! By agreeing to allow Coastal Plus to automatically debit your checking or savings account in NO WAY binds you to a Lease agreement that forces you to accept a long-term agreement with a Merchant's Account you don't need.

Q. Am I liable for my members' monthly payments?
NO! Coastal Plus will be solely responsible for the collection of all member's payments and the payment of monthly residual commission checks. Any member who finances their purchase with the monthly Auto Draft option will allow Coastal Plus to electronically draft their payment out of their checking or savings account. When that money is collected, it will then be calculated and paid out monthly to the sponsoring Supervisor on either a debit card or check in the mail. If a member defaults on a bank draft agreement, that member will be turned over to a collection agency, which means the member will be liable for the balance, as well as additional legal and attorney fees. Any commissions being paid on that member will immediately cease and the Sponsor will forfeit any more residual payments. If legal action generates complete payment, the balance of commissions owed will be paid in full to the sponsoring supervisor at that time.

Q. What is the process for the financing option?
Fill out and submit the ACH bank authorization form online. Print out and sign the form and mail it by overnight courier to the JWM office.

$179.00 plus $20.00 S&H for product package for a total of $199 will be debited immediately and the subsequent automatic withdrawal (depending on the finance plan chosen) will be debited within 30 days from your account.