Modern Witnesses
[Pre-20th Century]

  • Literature (20th Century)
    1. Melinda Fish - The River is Here
    2. Mike Bickle - Passion for Jesus
    3. Victoria Brooks - Ministering to God: the Reach of the Heart
    4. Jerry Coulter - Beholding and Becoming
    5. Thomas Keating - Intimacy with God
    6. Steve Meeks - Relational Christianity
    7. A.W. Tozer - The Pursuit of God/The Divine Conquest
    8. David Hazard - Rekindling the Inner Flame (series)

  • Reference Works on Mysticism
    Evelyn Underhill - Mysticism: A study in the nature and development of spiritual consciousness
    This is the most completely comprehensive work I have ever seen on Mysticism; It's essentially a graduate course under a single cover! Focused primarily on Christian Mysticism, it includes references to non-Christian mystic authors. Aside from a very detailed treatment of the Mystic Way, it speaks at length about the relationships between mysticism and psychology, theology, and magic. Especially valuable is the historical sketch of mystic thought and the exhaustive bibliography of the writings of most of a major figures in mysticism.

    Bruce Janz - Who's Who in the History of Mysticism

    An on-line reference, this slightly-less-complete work contains many valuable links and cross-references to other on-line sources of information about mysticism and mystic thought.

    Thomas Dubay - Fire Within
    A superb and in-depth analysis of John of the Cross and Teresa de Avila's views on prayer, sanctification, and contemplation, including a discussion of the Biblical foundation of their views on these subjects. Chapter 10 is the most complete discussion of the state of Divine Union which I've come across, and definitely is worth reading to inspire you to continue pressing on to take hold of Christ.

  • Modern Books on Contemplative Prayer