In order to facilitate the growth of your business, we have created a turnkey support
package. The package includes:

* Your own Personalized Web Site

* Camera-ready ads, $200 worth of leads

* A lead generation system

* Recorded conference calls

* Nightly "Live" conference calls

* An automated marketing system.

We also have an extensive training website that you can use to educate yourself to
advertise your Coastal business successfully. Both on-line and off-line methods are
covered on this training website.

Once your business starts to grow you can refer your clients to our training website
so they can receive the support you have been given.

When we developed the training site, we developed it with both the Novice and Expert
Internet marketer in mind.
Everything from how to Copy and Paste to how to get a
high ranking in all of the major search engines are covered in our training site. These
are just two of the many features of our training website!

The training site is a tremendous resource for both your Coastal clients and yourself.
The training site can be used with any other on-line business as well, most of the
techniques and marketing strategies can be applied to any legitimate on-line business
and increase your production tremendously.

This training site will allow you to train your new Coastal clients very easily and

If the marketing strategies are applied to your business you can easily bring in 5 to 10
new sales each and every week into your Coastal Vacations business.

On top of this we are always available via, phone or e-mail if you need anything. We
feel we provide our clients with top of the line customer service. Utilizing these tools
and our expertise will maximize your growth and ensure your success!

1. As soon as you get started you will receive our quick start package via e-mail. This
will allow you to get your Coastal business up and running within 24 hours. You will
gain access to our powerful training website.

2. Decide what type of advertising methods you would like to use first. Don't worry if
you are a "newbie" to the Internet. The training website covers a wide array of
marketing strategies and techniques. We will show you exactly where to advertise and
more importantly where not to advertise.

3. Guide your prospects to the tools we provide you with: Free Fax on Demand
service, live weekly conference calls(excellent tool to bring in a ton of sales),
complete website with live recorded testimonials, recorded live conference calls,
Frequently asked Questions, complete breakdown and explanation of the package all
the information one needs to make the decision to get started with you in the Coastal
business. No need to hard-sell your prospects, just provide answers to their questions
and allow them to make an educated decision. I have been approaching Coastal this
way since I started and I have been able to consistently bring in 2-5 sales a week.

4. Once you have people aboard our training website will walk you through step by
step how to set your new client up quickly. This way, they can start advertising their
Coastal business, provide you with your training sales so they can start earning
$1,000 commissions.

5. Now, this is the most important step, once you start building group it is imperative
that you place a portion of your profits back into advertising. If you do this it will allow
your business to grow and you will have a constant cash flow. Just one sale a week
will earn you over $50,000 a year, two sales a week and you are making over
$100,000. We can show you to easily bring in 2 to 5 sales a week!

Kyle Marvel
2553 Vince Dr.
Apopka, FL 32703
Phone: (407) 880-4715
Voicemail: (800) 205-4307
Fax: (732) 463- 6423

We are so confident in this product and our methods of advertising that we provide
you with a LIFETIME MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on the vacation package. If you
can honestly show us that you have applied our marketing strategies and
techniques and are still not satisfied, we will refund you 100% of your money no
questions asked.