Why is this not MLM (Multi-Level Marketing)?
Different from MLM, Coastal is simply Direct Sales. MLM is a marketing
system whereby a person builds a downline of distributors to sell a variety
of products, and then splits the commissions throughout Multi-Levels. Most
often in MLM, there are meetings to attend, monthly purchases required,
and it usually takes a large downline in order to actually make a sizable
income. With Coastal, there are no monthly purchases, no hyped up
meetings, and we don't split commissions. As a director, when you make a
sale, it's ALL yours! Our commissions don't decrease on lower levels, and
since they're so large, you can earn significant profit almost immediately.
Another characteristic of MLM is that the company will most often hold
your commission and pay you after a period of time (2 - 4 weeks). And in
MLM, only about 5% make the money, the other 95% help them. With
Coastal, you work for yourself, not for a company or an upline. Coastal will
not send you a 1099 because they don't pay you anything. You get paid
first. And YOU keep what you earn, not someone else!

How can you give all this value for $1,295 and still make a $1,000 profit?
Coastal has been in business for many years and we have significant
buying power. And it is also in the best interest of all resort properties to
make sure their facilities are filled to capacity, both for appearances sake,
and to cover their expenses. You see, a resort or cruise liner would much
rather give away several rooms or cabins in order to make money from
these guests in their restaurants,night clubs, gift shops, casinos or
anything else one would spend while on vacation. This money makes up for
the money they did not make on the room or cabin.

Do I have to approach my family and friends?
No. However, most marketers become so enthused about this program,
and the package itself, that they feel compelled to share it. The majority of
friends, family and co-workers will start approaching you when they see
how well you are doing. You will be pleasantly surprised at how fast word
of mouth travels! Just one sale per week in the coastal business will earn
you over $50,000 a year. Two sales a week and you are making over
$100,000 a year. That's well over the national average salary in the United
States alone which is around $24,000. On top of that many people in
coastal are making 5-10 sales a week...you do the math!

Do I have to quit my job?
No, many marketers continue their current employment until they reach
the level of income they desire. Others choose to leave their profession
sooner, so they can focus all of their efforts toward earning a faster
income with Coastal. Obviously, this is a personal decision. However many
people are looking to work from the comfort of their own home and that is
why they decide to eventually quit their job. Think about it would you
rather be fighting the morning commute everyday or sitting pool side with
your laptop and cordless phone. Again, a personal decision.

How much can I make and how fast can I start to make it?
You determine your level of income based on your efforts. Many begin
earning 1-2 thousand dollars their very first week. You can start earning
money immediately if you simply apply the marketing methods and
techniques we will share with you once you get started with us.

What is the product?
Our product is the lowest priced, most extensive vacation package on the
market. It is valued at over $15,000, but we sell it for only $1,295. It
consists of 30 vacations, including 5 cruises, $4,000 in airfare discounts,
and 15 membership cards with savings on: airfare, cruises, 5 star
restaurants, luxury condos, 50% off hotel stays etc.. To learn more about
this fantastic package click on the package link to the top left of this page.
Travel agents and other companies on the Internet have been known to
sell a similar package for $2,500 - $3,500 and even more! Even though the
value of the package continues to rise each and every year, the retail
price of $1,295 continues to stay the same. Just 5 years ago the package
was worth only $5,000. Now it is worth over $15,000. How much will it be
worth in another 5 years?

What if I don't have $1,295 right now?
If you do not have the $1,295 right now....DO NOT WORRY! We have many
options available to you. For U.S. residence we have 0% financing. We
also have several payment plan options starting as low as $108 a month.
Whatever option you choose to get started, you will receive all of the tools
and training necessary to start you on the road to success. For all
payment options click on the GET STARTED link on the top left of this

Is this a timeshare?
No. It is not a timeshare it is a vacation. People automatically assume that
because they are staying in a luxury condo for such an affordable price
that there must be some kind of catch. There isn't!

Let's say I'm not a salesperson - how can I be successful?
There really is no selling involved - You're just an information tour guide.
Our powerful system does the "selling" for you. You can earn a couple of
thousand dollars a week from home by placing ads, waiting for people to
call your voicemail, and then returning their call and simply providing them
with access to the information. Your 800 Voicemail, the Website, the Fax
on Demand, and the conference calls will do the selling for you! You will
NEVER get a negative response or feel like you have to force someone to
get started with you. You simply answer their questions, supply them with
information and allow them to make an educated decision.

I never owned a business. How can I be successful?
Most of our clients were in a similar situation. You can do the same as they
are, use the tools that are provided and direct people to these quality
tools. Since the majority of people spend many hours each week working
for an employer who collects the profits, you can apply a portion of that
same effort to build your business by following our proven system and
you'll receive far greater rewards.

How do I know this isn't a scam and won't be shut down tomorrow?
All of the companies that you will be representing in this package are some
of the most respected and ethical companies in the vacation and travel
industry. Coastal only works with companies who are licensed and
bonded, and most of the companies that you will be representing with this
package have been in business for the past 15 to 25 years. We welcome
anyone to check out each of the companies we represent and see for
themselves. Their long track records, filled with excellent customer
service and the utmost integrity, will impress even the greatest skeptic.

Are there any kind of hidden fees or charges on any of the vacations in the

No. There are no hidden fees or charges on any of the vacations. You only
pay the room tax for hotel stays and port fees for your cruises. For
example, the Carnival Cruise port fees are currently $90 per person. This
price slightly changes from time to time but it is not by much. If you were to
book a Carnival cruise or any vacation through a travel agent, you would
have to pay these fees also.

How has the September 11th tragedy affected the Coastal Business?

Like I mentioned before, I started with Coastal in October 2001 which is
only one month after the devastating events and I made $7,000 that month
alone. My numbers have only increased since then. Something to
remember, not only is this a great vacation package worth well over
$15,000 but many people get started with Coastal for the tremendous
business opportunity it presents. For those who are leary about traveling
at this time, only 1 cruise expires after a year and the remaining vacations
are activated only when you want to use them. People have been trying to
make a point not to let terrorists get the better of them and have been
traveling regardless of what is going on around them.

What if I don't like to travel but still want to join the business opportunity?

To become a part of Coastal you would still need to purchase the vacation
package so you get your own individual Coastal ID number. This will allow
you to earn a $1000 commission on each sale. However if you do not want
to use the vacations within your package, you can give away the
vacations to family, friends, co-workers, etc. They make great gifts too!

What is the refund policy?

We are so confident in this product and our methods of advertising that we
provide you with a LIFETIME MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If you can
honestly show us that you have applied our marketing strategies and
techniques and are still not satisfied, we will refund you 100% of your
money no questions asked. If you did extensive research on the net you
would find lifetime guarantees hard to come by.

If you have any questions that haven't been addressed, please
don't hesitate to contact us via phone or email. We would be
happy to answer any questions you may have. There is also a
conference call that you can dial into that will allow you to hear an
overview of the business and hear questions that people from all
over the world have. It allows you the opportunity to ask any
questions you may have as well. Conference Calls are 10:00 PM
EST Monday- Thursday 305-503-1838

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