"Everything I see is like a dream and what I see with my bodily eyes is a mockery. What my soul desires is what I have seen with the eyes of the soul; and, finding itself so far away from it all, it desires death…my soul was dismayed to find that there was any created thing in which it could rest, still more that I could come to have affection for any, for everything else seemed to me a mere ant hill. "Often His Majesty says to me, as a sign of His great love: 'Now thou art Mine and I am thine.' There are some words which I am in the habit of repeating to myself -- and I believe I mean what I say. They are: 'What do I care about myself, Lord, or about anything but Thee?'"

The Life of Teresa of Jesus
Like Guyon's autobiography, a very good description of what is available in terms of relationship with the Lord. Teresa experienced a considerably wider range of supernatural 'consolations' than Guyon records, and her discussions of the gifts of the Spirit and levels of prayer are well-worth reading in order to gain understanding - not only of how the Lord relates to His children - but also of how the enemy may move to discourage, derail, or destroy one who is truly pursuing the Lord.

Way of Perfection
A condensation of Teresa's understanding of the disciplines of prayer and her teachings on devotional practices which help the individual prepare for and faciliate the working of the Spirit which draws us into the presence of God.

Interior Castle
A metaphorical discussion of stages of Christian maturity, starting with conversion, and progressing to the state of 'divine union'. Very thorough in describing the works of the Lord as the soul progresses, as well as the means by which the enemy may try to keep the believer from advancing.

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