Welcome to Alicia's Corner

I love to draw. Some things I like are:fantasy creatures, cats,stuffed animals, staying up late with friends, and poetry. I am going to work on this website quite frequently. This is the first website I've ever done, cuz I'm still only 12. I'll be 13 in October though. My best friend in the whole universe is Susan. I dedicate this page to her, and my Uncle Kevin, who helped me understand html. This page is for my pictures, photos, and poetry. Hope ya like it.

This is an Anthros. An Anthros is a creature that is half human, half animal. They can speak and they stand on their hind legs like humans, but they are covered with fur and have the animal's eyes and ears and paws/hooves. They can be of any animal, this one is a wolf. She is in Egypt, dancing with peacock feathers. Isn't she pretty? I drew her myself. No sticky paws.

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