Neil Girrard

P.O. Box 327
Capitan, New Mexico 88316-0327

I am originally from Ohio but I and my wife Cindy now live between Lincoln and Capitan, New Mexico. I was first introduced to Jesus at age 11 but did not really start to walk with Him until I was 25. Since that time (with the exception of a few years off for bad behavior), I have studied His Word intensely, committing myself to find Him and follow after Him no matter what the cost. The long strange trip of my life has proven costly in many ways, but the treasure in Christ which I have gained is not worth comparing to the light and momentary afflictions which have been the milestones on my spiritual journey.

My Testimony

Writings by Subjects

Word Studies:

Following a word through its every occurrence in the Bible and contemplating the meaning can impart a much greater understanding of "the whole counsel of God." May you be as edified in reading as I was in writing.


Writing down these reflections and meditations on the Scripture have helped me at times in my life. Perhaps reading them will help you in some way.

Songs and Poems:

These are songs and poems that God gave me during particularly intense times of my life. Though you won't hear the songs sung, perhaps reading them will touch your spirit.

I'd love to hear comments and/or questions from you! Etalk to me!

God bless you for visiting this website. Please keep me in your prayers. - Neil