By now you probably have some idea on the amount of money you can make
with this opportunity. The rewards are unbelievable. Not only are you able to
sell an exceptional vacation package and take advantage of the travel
benefits yourself but you also have the chance to make $1,000 on every
sale you make.

To start earning $1,000 commissions with Coastal you must become a
"Director". When my director, James, first started with Coastal in October
he needed to give his first two sales to the person who introduced him to
Coastal (his director). This was the criteria for becoming a director.
However once he became a director, he decided to change this and take
only one training sale for his clients to start earning $1,000 a sale. He felt
this would be a win/win situation and allow our clients to start earning money
a lot faster.

Once you complete your one training sale you will receive your Director
Release from us. The Directors Release will allow you to purchase the
package at the wholesale price of $295.
So when you start to receive
$1,295 sales you simply take out your $1,000 commission and send the
$295 to the wholesaler. They will then either drop ship the product for you
worldwide or send the product to your home, so you then can ship the
package to your clients.

As your Coastal business starts to thrive you have the option to purchase
the vacation packages at a bulk rate for $200 each. Once you have multiple
orders coming in it would be beneficial to purchase at the bulk rate. Doing
this will earn you even more then $1,000 a sale!

Once you get started and provide us with one training sale it is totally your
decision on how many training sales you require your clients to provide you

Now remember most Coastal directors will take two training sales for you to
become a director. To understand the two training sale system take a look
at the following diagram.

Kevin Paul
P.O Box 6763
Silverdale, WA 98315
Voicemail: (866) 206-9066 ext. 8633
Cell: (360) 509-8483

We are so confident in this product and our methods of advertising that we provide you
with a LIFETIME MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on the vacation package. If you can
honestly show us that you have applied our marketing strategies and techniques and
are still not satisfied, we will refund you 100% of your money no questions asked.

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