These 2 videos go together

1. This first video is about the 2nd video, although it needs to be said, that rather than the light bringing sunshine, birds, flowers and a golden age, that is not the way the 'Day of the Lord' will start. Before and even DURING His physical appearance, the scripture says it will be darkness, not light. The true light of God at first brings great heart searching and conviction followed by deep heart wrenching repentance and open confession of sin as well as healing of not only physical bodies but emotions and mental conditions as well. It is like being in a dark cave for months then coming out into the sunshine: your eyes hurt real bad and you are blinded for awhile. However, then you see the environment you were meant for in your life form. So is the day of the Lord. It will start with dark dark clouds, but then rain of the Holy Spirit that at 1st brings some pain and a spiritual 'Noah's flood' that kills things contrary to God's nature: EVEN ALL FLESH, but then God's great cleanup operation and glory will follow. It will soon be fulfilled as the scripture has said: the glory of God will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea. Now THAT'S Tremendous!!

2. Someone is coming to Dinner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!