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The Revelation of the Lost Keys
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The most important revelation ever given by
God to a man during the 20th century!

Chapter 24

The Valley of the Dry Bones

I hope I haven't offended you by some of what I have been writing but its super possible to offend when one attacks a sacred cow like I have been doing. Evangelism is one of the most sacred cows there ever has been and you are made to feel like a waste case and guilty with blood all over your hands if you are not involved in it. but GUESS WHAT?!!? God proclaimed you not guilty 2000 years ago because He is the Savior and never gave that title to anyone else! OK I know that the privilege of working together with God to save others is a wonderful thing but that is just the idol I'm talking about: serving the Lord has for many brothers taken the place of God Himself and the thought I'm trying to convey to my fellow brothers in writing this part is this: "If God asked you to quit the ministry right now and lay it down for good, how would you react?" Wow! That's a question! (and again bro, don't get me wrong I am in no way implying that the Lord is saying this to you or singling you out, don't take this personally) The real question of course is : "Is our personal relationship and what makes Him happy more important to us than serving Him is to us?"

Now I hope you'll bear with me and listen to my foolishness and honesty. There has been many things sent to me in my life but there was only one book was sent to me by a one who to me was the very dearest brother I have ever known which made me very angry. Of course, I read the book anyhow word for word. (The name of the book was "PRIORITY ONE" but I'll not mention the author's name as he was a close friend of this dear brother whose name I also am not mentioning publicly.) Now some would call me backslidden and say I'm just trying to shirk my responsibility and avoid thinking about the burden for lost sinners so as not to let it "get to me" or "burden" me or make me weep and get a spirit of travail and intercession (which by the way I have experienced many times believe it or not and have painfully on my knees borne many to God with tears and many groanings of travailing birth pangs) but I HAVE NO RESPONSIBILITY TO SAVE THE LOST BECAUSE I'M DEAD!!!! You see the law of God may be there and , yes, Jesus said "I did not come to void the law but to fulfill it" so He not only established but raised it to an even higher standard and it has never passed away. BUT I DID !!!!!! I died to the law on the cross. One of the heaviest commandments ever held over the heads of poor Christians and made a heavy burden and yoke of bondage too too heavy to bear is The Great Commission. But I died to it, how bout you? I don't let it bother me. You must be saying: "brother! How could you say this? Where would I be today if someone had not witnessed to me?" But hear me out. I believe if we did things GOD's way "according to the pattern shown on the mount" (That's nothing less than Christ!!), then there would be very many more saved today than there are now and they would be much more solid and God's other goal of building us together as His House or Dwelling Place towards being His Bride would also be realized instead of neglected as it is today! Anyway, as I said, the name of the book the brother sent was "Priority One" and it was about world evangelism. Of course, the one who wrote it was a Bible college professor, had been a missionary etc. and he took a verse from here and a verse from there -- a story from here, a story from there and built his case. I tell you it made me mad!! I tell you this "priority one" concept that evangelism is priority one is WHY most of the world is still so lost and heading straight to crisis fires of God's judgment after the 2nd resurrection of the unrighteous dead!!!!!! It contradicted what Jesus said!! The FIRST COMMANDMENT is to love the Lord your God not your neighbor as yourself. Of course you may say that the number one way to do that is to give Him what He commanded and what was first on His heart and that is the great commission, which by the way the writer used to great lengths as to say these were the marching orders Jesus left us with! OK then, brother I challenge you to truly have a closer look at these so called "marching orders" and truly study the original texts in the Greek. If you know Greek and know the original meanings He said: "You shall be going into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature." Go ahead, read it! (in the Original Greek) (By the way for proof of this, see "The New Testament, an Expanded, Translation." by Kenneth S. Wuest) According to Wuest the exact wording was "having gone on your way" (!!!) (NOT "GO"!!) So it was a prophecy!!!! Just think! This was just like a promise! A prophetic utterance of the Lord Jesus Christ! So it was NOT a commandment, it was a promise! Just like our New Covenant God! When the Lord made a covenant promise with Abraham He knocked him out cold so that old Abe didn't stir then the Lord was seen in his dream as passing through the cut in two animal pieces all by Himself!!! No part did flesh play in it. Usually two parties of an agreement pass through but not in God's covenants. So ....... I thought a commission was a charge, an injunction or a commandment? But the Lord's words were : "having gone" in reality. So what is the logical and real conclusion since there was not a command involved? THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS THE GREAT COMMISSION!!!!!!!! It doesn't exist!!!!!!!!! And it never has existed on this planet !!! Now think about it for a minute. Which word is more powerful: a commandment or a promise? Well! A promise, of course!! If the Lord gives us a commandment there may or may not be grace there. We may or may not co-operate with that grace. We may or may not live up to the Lord's command. (NOT!!! we won't live up to it!) BUT if there is a promise -- it will happen and ...........................................IT DID HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In that generation the gospel was preached and reached all nations of the known world in that generation. And none of this is the point!!!! The point is THOSE WORDS WERE SPOKEN TO 12 MEN!!!! SO EVEN IF YOU CAN PROVE IT WAS A COMMANDMENT IT WAS NOT SPOKEN TO ALL OF GOD'S PEOPLE!!!!! IT WAS SPOKEN TO HIS 12 DISCIPLES!!!!! WHEN we get true God-sent ones (apostles) back again...... WHEN they build the kingdom like they did then, WHEN the same transplant of the fellowship that flows between Father and Son is transplanted into us (See Addendum 4) and we actually live by Christ's very Own life then we will fulfill the same conditions that the 12 did by "being with Jesus" and will be also prime subjects for the fulfillment of the Lord's words: "having gone on your way" And they only evangelized one city for 6 years from the time of Christ's ascension till the persecution at which time 150 to 200 assemblies came to be within 2 months!!!! BEAT THAT!!!!! Has anyone beat it??? UH UH!!! No way! So here's another point: Pentecost did not bring in a sweeping in of nations or a worldwide revival or evangelism! It was not the start of a mere soul saving campaign. It led to a building up of the Body of Christ in one city for six whole years!!!!! They did not just gather together living stones together to get a collection of souls. They built up (AS and BY divine DNA) God's house. AND THEY DID THIS FOR SIX WHOLE YEARS !!!! What????? Were them guys crazy or something? For goodness sakes! They were disobeying the "Great Commission" and you'll hear preachers say "yeah, God had to send persecution to get them to leave that city and go to somewhere else cause they were disobedient! OK, just try to tell that one to the LORD on the Bema seat judgment day!!! Tell Him " I was doing it right Lord but those 12 who sat at your very feet, well they just didn't get it, did they? I guess they needed more education from a theological cemetery (whoops, excuse me - seminary!) When those six years were done just about ALL of those offspring of our Father had been so conformed to the image of the Firstborn Son that almost all of them became preachers of the gospel and assemblies were born and reproduced right and left all over the place!!!! Hallelujah!!! Praise the Lord!

Now here's another point. When the scripture says concerning those first six years of the New Testament age of grace: "And they ceased not to teach and preach Jesus Christ",  it was talking ONLY about those 12 men, not the other Christians!! THAT was true of the majority of the first baby Christians on the face of this planet for the first six years of their Christian life! They just did not spend their time witnessing - it was spent diving into the heavenly riches of Jesus Christ! They were a Bride madly in love with her Bridegroom and dead to everything else! After this they DID preach everywhere because THEY COULD NOT HOLD IT IN!!! AND IT WAS POWERFUL!!

Who can stop the divine DNA, the very seed of the very life of God Himself? But what about us???? Yes ..... I do realize there is some revival going on but where is the dynamite of those of whom it was said "they that have turned the world upside down have come hence?" It has to be nothing less than Jesus Christ Himself to measure up to God's standard. What about us? In 1984 we started some meetings in a home where the brother who lived there had just fallen under the power one night and spoke tongues for 1 1/2 hours without being even told a thing about tongues. Well one particular night his wife shared a dream with us. In the dream she saw a battlefield as a grey expanse and there was a great army of the saints of God who had been given life to stand on their feet. some were normal like for instance some of us in that meeting who she had seen in that dream but most of the others who wore confederate type uniforms and wore hoods so you couldn't see their faces at first, who upon turning to look at her she saw skulls within their hoods. They were skeletons!! She observed some of the conversations taking place among them and the somber serious look upon their face (of the few who had faces) as if the battle were not going well at all but rather there was a great discouragement and downcast pallor upon them as looked out towards a vast battlefield as far as the eye could see. Then in her dream a big guy who looked like Hoss Cartright from "Bonanza" rode by on a big horse. He was dressed in white and even his huge ten gallon hat was white. He was all white except for (instead of a gun?) his huge Bible he carried in his hand as he gallantly galloped by and hollered out a few words of encouragement. He seemed to be oblivious to the poverty around him because he was so fat. But his bony sheep? Well, the sister did not know what the meaning was but I knew about the scripture where the shepherds had fed themselves instead of the flock. wouldn't you know it --its in Ezekiel ---right next to where the valley of the bones is. It's 3 chapters before ch 37 in 34: 6.

My sheep wandered through all the mountains, and upon every high hill: yea, my flock was scattered upon all the face of the earth, and none did search or seek after them. 7. Therefore, ye shepherds, hear the word of the Lord; 8. As I live, saith the Lord God, surely because my flock became a prey, and my flock became meat to every beast of the field, because there was no shepherd, neither did my shepherds search for my flock, but the shepherds fed themselves, and fed not my flock; Anyway this was that man. He seemed to walk in white and know how to eat spiritual food and was so fat but did not bring others to function as members so they could eat the pasture for themselves. This is not a right shepherd of the sheep! 16. I will seek that which was lost, and bring again that which was driven away, and will bind up that which was broken, and will strengthen that which was sick: but I will destroy the fat and the strong; I will feed them with judgment. 17. And as for you, O my flock, thus saith the Lord God; Behold, I judge between cattle and cattle, between the rams and the he goats. 18. Seemeth it a small thing unto you to have eaten up the good pasture, but ye must tread down with your feet the residue of your pastures? and to have drunk of the deep waters, but ye must foul the residue with your feet?

Do you think the Lord needs this kind of man? He walks in white for his own self but does not have a clue about life and has never fallen in the dirt through a Romans 7 experience and like a grain of wheat died to bear the kind of fruit God wants!! Notice the result: Ezekiel 37: 1.

1. The hand of the Lord was upon me, and carried me out in the spirit of the Lord, and set me down in the midst of the valley which was full of bones, 2. And caused me to pass by them round about: and, behold, there were very many in the open valley; and, lo, they were very dry. 3. And he said unto me, Son of man, can these bones live? and I answered, O Lord God, thou knowest. 4. Again he said unto me, Prophesy upon these bones, and say unto them, O ye dry bones, hear the word of the Lord.

This scripture came to me as the sister spoke of her dream. As she spoke I broke down and started to weep because I was taken into the Spirit and saw these skeleton faces not as I would see them but as the Originator, the Father with the Father heart of love, compassion and ambition for His own would see them: in a brokenhearted heartsick kind of way and just bled over them again and again as all the sadness of the frustrations of His deepest longings for His Own children just vented out through me. It was as if I were in God's shoes for a time and was being allowed in some small measure to partake in probably a VERY tiny way of the divine nature in so limited a degree. Who knows if we were allowed just a little bit more into the reality of His heart but that we would die of sorrow ........ or joy at times.

I sat on that living room floor and put my head in my hands and just wept and wept for 20 minutes or so. didn't care about what those around me thought. As I was weeping Ezekiel 37 was brought to me and was allowed some insight into it. I saw the majority of God's children today are in this condition. What condition? The condition of having life but still being called by God those who are slain. The Lord had said to Ezekiel: "Prophesy upon these bones ....... Behold, I will cause breath to enter into you and ye shall live:" .... now that prophecy goes on but these days even the FIRST PROPHESYING does not seem to go beyond this initial stage of God giving life. Anyway upon Ezekiel's first prophesying the bones came together but the breath entering into the came-together bones went in and passed right through them again cause they did not have the second prophesying. Talk about leaking wineskin, huh!!? The second prophesying was to the wind. Who is the wind? The Holy Spirit, of course. You see, its not enough even to have a ministry that will revive people and cause a shaking and quaking and bones and even sinews and skin to come together but his ministry must also be towards God to cause the Holy Wind to bring a heaven sent storm! We have GOT to have this kind of anointing back today!! Men who have power with God AND man both. Who not only give God to man but give man to God even as Paul did when he said he offered up the nations to God as a priest of the gospel: an offering well accepted to the Lord! Do you know what he was talking about??? I don't believe hardly any one alive today knows!!!

Let's go on. As I sat there weeping inside the heart of our Father there that day there was a clear revelation given me which was later confirmed through Bible study and some life-study messages on Ezekiel by Witness Lee that it was so. Namely this (if you read EZ. 37 you'll see what I mean): that the two prophesyings in that chapter are synonymous with the two scrolls which are also two speakings of the Lord. And that these 2 scrolls became one in Ezekiel's hand before them. The 12 men who sat with Christ had this kind of qualification which is proved in Acts chapter 4 that the Christians were in one accord in one place. This is very significant because God sent a storm of the Hoy Spirit just as He did in Acts 2 (check out about the word oneness there too!) when they were in one accord and in one place, the storm and sound of a rushing wind came with a consuming fire to accept the sacrifice. What are these 2 prophesyings that make men one? Christ AND the ecclesia!!! Christ as the Head and ALSO as the Body!!! You got to have and preach both and it ALL has to be done and spoken according to the pattern shown you on the mount and if you haven't spent much time on the mount such as Moses did and Paul did and Timothy at Paul's feet and John the Baptist in the desert etc. etc. etc., then how in the world can you have both prophesyings present under your tongue and get those kind of results?

God's kids are divided these days. I shared the testimony of the Revelation of the Lost Keys with you and my object in sharing it with you then was to gain you to my viewpoint concerning one assembly in one locality believing as I did (and yes it is still true -- there is a blessing when people get on this ground of unity) that it would bring you to blessing and YES those who push unity DO get numbers BUT that is not the greatness of Ezekeil!!! To put unity in the forefront and to push it does not produce much of it but we must preach proclaim and push CHRIST JESUS and Him crucified and that will produce unity and a Windstorm to boot! Paul said "I knew NOTHING in your midst except Jesus Christ and Him crucified." In Ezekiel's story the two prophesyings (being the full gospel of not only the HEAD {Colosians} but the BODY {Ephesians or really II Colosians}) were 2 scrolls one being the 10 tribes the other being the 2 tribes of division of God's people. The 2 scrolls became one in the proper hands. OH!! That God would give us such men again!!!! Such men as this. Those who have the FULL word of God in their mouth. Whose utterance not only shakes nations but brings Holy Storms and Rushing Mighty Wind down from above!!!!! WHERE ARE THESE GUYS AT????? LORD WE NEED THEM!! Today's preachers instead try to get you to "accept Jesus in your heart" and then right away try to get you to evangelize the world!

That's what I mentioned in my last message to you about the way the Father sees His children -- as missing in action -- as skeletons facing a lonely battle. When we should be an exceeding great army who makes the enemy to tremble. UNTIL WE HAVE HOLY MEN OF GOD BACK WHO WILL PREACH NOT ONLY THE UNSEARCHABLR RICHES OF CHRIST (where is that today??) AND THE ECCLESIA AS THE ARMY BUT US AS HIS HOUSE BUILT TOGETHER, AS HIS BODY AND AS HIS BRIDE WE WILL NEVER HAVE THIS ARMY AND DEFEAT OUR ENEMY!!!! This I firmly believe: we will never get this as long as we think the Bible is about evangelism 1st and it is 1st priority instead of the development of the Kingdom of God within us of the divine DNA. Until there is living stones built together as God's House and Dwelling place under a true apostolic ministry (and I say this to one and all realizing I will be judged for it if I am wrong) YOU GOT NO BUSINESS GREIVING OUR FATHER'S HEART BY WINNING SOULS WITHOUT THEN BRINGING THEM INTO TRUE ASSEMBLY LIFE!!! No business! It's as wrong as having kids out of wedlock. "But , brother, you are wrong! If we don't win them and get busy doing it they will go to hell." "We need to get out there and get busy winning the lost cause Jesus is coming back and soon it will be too late." These arguments are so lame I can't believe it!!! And excuse me for getting so hot, my dear dear brothers but it all makes me mad! Try to say those things to Paul of Tarsus and tell him to get off his butt cause he's wasting 3 years in an Arabian desert doing nothing but sitting at Jesus feet!!! How bout during the 3 days when he was caught up to Paradise and also caught up to the 3rd heavens! Would you have much of an audience with him then trying to tell Paul he's wasting his time and he ought to go win souls headed to hell and needs to be pulling them from the fire. Then try telling him "Hey Paul, you're doing it wrong, man, you really ought to get into a theological seminary and learn it the proper 20th century mindset way! He wouldn't have time to even listen! Cause he's not even there! He's somewhere else ("whether in the body or out of the body, I cannot tell, only God knoweth") caught up in an rapturous ecstasy!! If we don't get out of our 20th century mindset a many more are heading into the actual judgment fire!!! Through Paul's time spent with God, he became eventually the kind of guy to whom whole cities gathered together to hear the Word of God!!!! The facts of that day and our day still exist: they reached the whole known world with the gospel in their generation. We haven't! And we won't, unless we change. God's newborn children need to be in a situation where they can eat Christ by functioning (being able to prophecy and speak and pray and praise and add their testimony etc. etc.) in the meetings according to I Cor. 14 and learn to dive into the heights, lengths, depths and breadth of the unsearchable riches and experiences of our Savior including the dry prayer and the deserts of that experience and so many other experiences in a well rounded kind of way so they will not be like those skeletons who don't even know what its like to sit with brothers and sisters around our Father's blessed table in His blessed House!! These experiences are meant for us in this age. I have been there!!!

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