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The Revelation of the Lost Keys
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The most important revelation ever given by
God to a man during the 20th century!

Section II. The Evangelism Trek

Chapter 23

Today's Evangelism: A Sacred Cow, A Golden Calf

The Lord said "blessed is he who is not offended in me." All it takes is some misunderstanding and the Lord knows the most important thing we need towards Him besides humility without which we will make no promise is trust. There are just some things He cannot explain to us that happen to us in this present age and we'll have to trust and some of the questions will never be answered and we'll just have to trust. One example is how 400 years of generations of the children of Jacob who's name became Israel were born in chains lived in chains, cried out to a silent God day and night in chains and then died in chains. He finally answered through Moses BUT and if you think about it its a very great mystery: There are unanswered mysteries that no one has EVER had the answer to on that one!! There are many theologies today that cannot handle that time of history. If they tried they'd have to change some of their wealth and health doctrines!! Why did I say all that? I haven't got a clue! Except maybe to say that some of the things others have said about the ways of God do have some merit because He is bigger than my little mind or yours. Point is He is waaaay higher up above us and His thoughts are NOT our thoughts, neither His ways our ways and is past finding out. So ..... possibly what I am about to dare to write is just my opinion and maybe I'm wrong and could be judged for it. May the Lord have mercy on me if that is so? I KNOW for a fact that few will agree with me on this one. It's too too much of a sacred cow these days (maybe my opinion again) and probably you'll never agree with this but who knows maybe there's a remote chance a ray of light concerning God's eternal purpose may shine through as someday you may think about it , who knows? If you want PROOF on these things, do not stop but please read the next chapter also as it's very important.

We see the 2nd birth through our eyes and humanly hope the best for everyone and that there'll be a changed life for as many as possible. But very few of us have had much of a view through the very eyes of God Himself and see and feel as He sees and feels from His standpoint. This I believe is the basic problem of the mess we're in. (Of course salvation is only one aspect of things as seen through 2 vantage points: there are other aspects as well) Paul of Tarsus wrote a letter once to the ecclesia in Thessalonica which were IN God the Father and Jesus Christ the Son!!! This should be OUR description of reality!  We see the salvation experience as benefiting man and changing lives and meeting our needs and this is all well and good and of course God cares about the same things, much much more than we do. There is THE FATHER'S viewpoint which I believe has been missed and possibly not even well known. I do not believe that most fathers if they are wise will birth more children than they can properly care for unless they are poor at planning and miscalculate their worth. Of course there is no problem with the Lord's worth, wealth, wisdom and care in any department material or spiritual. BUT we have been made to be co-creators with the Almighty (or pro-creators) both in the physical and spiritual realms even as Paul said "you have ten thousand instructors ...yet not many fathers; for in Christ Jesus I have begotten you through the glad tidings" .... hmmm, we are quite awesome beings; much more awesome than we can understand.

So? Have you heard of the film "Jesus"? Sure you have. Gene Edwards said something about it and he then said "I want to go on record!!" On record saying what? That he was against what they were doing with that film!! Please, can you tell me: what were they doing with it except winning souls. Weren't their motifs pure? From man's standpoint, yes! It was for soul winning alone. OK maybe some had a desire at least to build those new brothers and sisters as living stones into the Lord's living temple. BUT ..... is that building work a reality??? NO!..... Anyway, Gene went on record and probably hardly anyone agrees with him. There are most brothers I meet with in the so-called "house church" there in Olympia that would probably not agree (I know for sure some do not) but I do.

Now I'll make it even harder for you to agree with me (it's not easy you know), even though you already don't by giving you some facts that maybe even Gene didn't know when he spoke what he spoke but I STILL agree with him anyway not cause of who he is... I don't agree with everything he says - but because I just agree on this point: there was a foreign country where the Jesus movie was shown in recent years. And when it was shown the Spirit so outpoured that hundreds of them broke down crying at the crucifixion scene and their sorrow was turned to joy at the resurrection and they were born again with great rejoicing. The Spirit fell with great power. And .... Gene faults this?????? C'mon Gene!! The old guy has lost it!

OK then what about the backslidden preacher my friend knew 45 years ago that was such a pig he had another man besides himself sleeping with the woman he was sleeping with and there were alcohol & beer bottles laying all over the place but when he preached because he preached the gospel message (kind of like Billy Graham preached) sinners wept and got saved! At altar call after altar call!!! I guess the gifts and callings of God are without repentance. Do you think so???? Well, the Bible says so. So was it wrong for my friend to stop this man's ministry cold by pulling the sheets on his utterly sinful backslidden lifestyle? By George, NO!!!!! A thousand times no!! The shame would have been worse if he got exposed any later than he did. Heck! It was bad enough as it was! Believe it or not, there have been many cases like this: Jimmy Swaggert was one of them. But Kevin! Think of all the the souls that didn't get saved because of this guy being exposed!!! I am thinking of them! And all the other souls in that city too!

So why would that film have an outpouring? The Word of God is anointed!! And it will accomplish what God spoke it for and will not return void. Just cause we procreate as unmarried people with God our Creator does not mean He won't allow human beings that were brought forth in this way to be brought forth!!! It does not mean it is His will that it be done that way either. But does He love His children who may be brought forth the wrong way at the wrong time. Of course He loves those born of marriage or out of marriage. He loves those His children even though someone went to a foreign country and got them saved and did not follow up on them at all.

I do not believe we have any business not taking care of those who are birthed into life. Why were 3000 born again on the day of Pentecost and it was OK? There were 12 who were fathers who could care for that many and even more because they had spent 20,000 hours in the presence of God Almighty day and night.

I once knew a sister (it was Ny) who had a dream of God's people like skeletons just like Ezekiel's valley of bones. I will write more on this later. Suffice it to say, as she spoke in the meeting I saw the skeletons in a vision EXCEPT I didn't have your normal vision but rather saw them as the Father saw them: as if I w ere seeing my children... dear little children, dear little skeletons. Needless to say, right in front of everyone I put my head in my hands and wept and wept for 20 minutes till I had no more tears. Today's believers need the "prophesy again" the 2 sides of the gospel that Ezekiel was commanded to speak so that the skin, sinews and breath from the WIND would make them so living and strong.

I must add to this in another chapter, but before I close I must add something else. Charles Finney used to take the law and convict sinners with deep probing of conscience for many meetings before he finally brought them through maybe a week later to new birth. Years later, next generation. D. L. Moody used the same methods to convict and break up fallow ground UNTIL .... the Chicago fire one night in which many of those he was preaching to died and went to hell. Due to this fact he changed his methods (and most of us like blind sheep have followed his ways foolishly like sheep do ever since. WE FELL FOR IT! YOU FELL FOR IT WHETHER YOU KNOW IT OR NOT!!!!) and started having an altar call every night. The result? Deep conversions where deep repentance from sin was so real became a thing of the past. The statistics? 85% of Finney's converts followed the Lord true till death. Moody's? 15%. May we look back and at least learn something ..... not just from a tragic city fire, BUT FROM LASTING RESULTS AND ISSUES.

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