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The Revelation of the Lost Keys
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The most important revelation ever given by
God to a man during the 20th century!

Chapter 19

Oh oh! The Gates Were Unlocked!

January, the 1st, 1984

By the Divine wisdom and pre-arrangement of the Most Sovereign Almighty I was knocked out like a dead log on New Year's Day, 1984. It seemed like just as Adam went through a deep sleep, so did I. I mean this was a deep sleep. It was NOT God's time or will for me to go to the Fire Escape that morning or again, none of the things of this picture would have ever really all fit together so you could have it today. It's uncanny but if you look at this sequence of events very closely from start to finish you can see that the whole thing was engineered by the heart of God. Seemingly there was not one piece of the puzzle out of place when all was said and done. This series of co-incidences just cannot be explained away if you really and seriously look at this whole thing with an unbiased, prayerful and open mind.

Suddenly I woke up at noon! When I awoke all that I had been feeling the past couple of days was long gone! My feelings had completely changed! I felt completely alone. I realized that I was supposed to get up and go with Richard and Ny to the Fire Escape but then realized I was probably too late for that. Getting up and wondering how in the world I could've been in such a dead sleep for so long I prepared to go over to their pad to see them. I felt like I was alone again and deep in my spirit there was a "oh no! I missed them." Also there was a feeling that something was wrong but it was so remote.

So I went over to their place but they weren't there. I thought "Oh no, I missed them!" Here it was, it was New Year's Day. I had no TV, no radio, no Baptist Church, no one to talk to and as I walked back to my place I felt troubled in my spirit because I was all alone (it's not good for man to be alone, remember?) and missed their fellowship. Plus that I felt that something had happened, I actually knew deep with in that they had heard something negative from Ron Gatrelle and something was amiss but I did not even begin to dream what that it could be true. However, those deep inner registrations of the Holy Spirit in your spirit are usually pretty right on and you would do well to pay attention to what God communicates deep deep within. Of course you have to balance this inward feeling with the scriptures. But I felt that somehow they weren't in agreement with me any more and that the oneness had been broken.

Do you see? How can the stones be built together unless they are together? This can't just be a mental assent or a spiritual thing, it has to be practical. God wants us together. He wants our bodies together meeting together! Nothing else cuts the cake! This is so we can talk together and communicate the measure of each one part as Paul put it in Eph. 4. Hallelujah!

Anyhow, I felt that something was wrong and that I was all alone again but little did I know what awaited me as a result. About once every hour I went over there again but they were not there. As a result I was left wondering what happened but instead of wondering too much I got into the Word. This time I turned to Rev. 22:17: "17 The Spirit and the bride say, "Come!"( )" I was quite comforted by these Words and realized this must be the marital oneness and it existed no matter what and that they were so mingled, that is the Last Adam having become the life-giving Spirit and the bride that the two of them speak as ONE because they two have become ONE! This is so wonderful we can hardly conceive of it! And with these words the Spirit of the Lord gave me peace even though the loneliness continued. What added to my loneliness also was that I kept thinking about my wife. I just felt so lonely and right now I see something new I've never seen before in thinking about all these things. Do you think that maybe Adam was even still lonely after his deep sleep? From the time Jehovah built Eve from his side and Adam awoke, there still needed to be some time for Eve to walk alone with God. As that conversation was taking place there must have been this searching for her still going on in Adam till the most wonderful and ecstatic moment they both saw each other! Is it not true that the fall has made this loneliness and searching an even deeper lesson to mankind? Is it not ordained of God for every young person to go through a time of longing and searching and aloneness for quite some time, dealing with their desires for a mate and wondering who it will be? Is not this picture of the longing and loving heart of God written upon the very face of humanity in the way we are made? Is not this lesson placed before us day after day, generation after generation to reveal the longing heart of our Husband Christ? How can we take this away from Him causing Him to be alone by our divisiveness? HOW CAN WE DO SUCH A THING TO CHRIST??!!?? Are we dense? We most certainly are! C'mon now! IT'S TIME TO WAKE UP!!!!!!!!

When I woke up I felt these things but I was not as sensitive to what it was till later on after some more things developed. Little did I know that all of hell was rallied against me. Little did I know that almost all the demons and evil angels in South Carolina were rallied at that point against me. I kept on going over to their place over and ever during the day. The gray day became darker and darker just as the skies became darker and darker but the Word from Revelation had given me peace so I was not that much upset. Neither was I cognizant of what was about to happen.

The Gates Are Open: The Black Clouds Come Rolling In

The sky was literally black with black clouds by 5:oo O'clock as I went over again. This time I saw that big brown truck parked in front of their building and welcomed the indication of these dear relatives of the family of God being there.

It's not that Richard was unfriendly to me. He was as friendly as before in a sense. He was as unwary of the realities I am about to explain as I was, probably even more so as I soon picked up on it but he didn't quite see it all the way through as the tracks of his life and deeds proved out through the years following. I knock on their door and they invited me in. Then Richard said "let's play a game of chess." I love chess And have been a avid player for years (when I have the time!) so I readily agreed. So we pulled up a seat on the brown rug! After awhile he started to share with me and said some seemingly harmless words (they probably were harmless words in themselves) as he shared. He said: "Brother, I know what we were talking about yesterday, how there is life in the local church and everything, but we heard a message this morning and in this message it was brought to our attention that all who believe have life as it says in John 3:16 that whosoever believeth on him HATH everlasting life." And as soon as he said the word "but" I felt something hit me. It was like a negative vibration, like a depression drawing my emotions downward all of a sudden. It was like a sorrow stole over me. It contained in it a strong depressing feeling of being personally rejected. It was as if the brother turned on me or something and slapped me on the cheek and betrayed me (that should have proved to me immediately the hand of the enemy's attack, but the deception went on). It felt like my friends had turned on me and they had become my enemies. THEN hordes of darkness rolled in and all hell broke loose!!! My emotional insides were being ripped apart to shreds as he went on. He said some more seemingly harmless words and again they probably are harmless words and valid questions of a young believer in Christ but something was behind them he had no idea of! He went on quoting John 3:16 and said "all the Christians got life from believing brother. You don't have to be in the local church to have life." Of course Jesus said you could have life and have it more abundantly but before I had time to explain all hell broke loose and literally thousands of demons were UPON me. Now probably if I was more well founded in the truth I might have been able to withstand this attack and open my mouth and say something to this but even I at that time was not so well founded in truth that I knew exactly what to say concerning "life more abundantly" being the Body life flowing through the many members with the many functions the many graces and the unsearchable riches of the Lord Jesus Christ! Anyway, as the brother spoke there were such bad vibrations in that room that even he could feel them but it was nothing compared to what I was feeling. Literally thousands of thoughts were going through my mind!! There was doubt, fear, rejection, attack of my concepts and such loneliness. I felt such rejection that it opened seeming caverns of sorrow and deep despair within just as if I was a lost child without a human comforter in the entire world. Again, I was probably open to this attack because I was not so well founded in my faith or the truth concerning the things which I had been proclaiming (without knowing what kind of warfare was even involved with proclaiming such things).

I'm going to tell you right now: you may not think this is important but you need to read Further Talks on the Church Life by Watchman Nee and other books about the ground of locality because if Satan can shake you on this he is going to shake you on this BECAUSE IT DOES SOMETHING TO HIS KINGDOM AND HE KNOWS IT !!!!!!! This is important whether you realize it or not and you are NOT prepared to do very well in battle without it! If he can shake you on this point and downplay it he will do it because if a people meet together outside of the organized church totally according to the way the early ecclesia met with all the spiritual ingredients that the early ecclesia had INCLUDING God ordained and sent ecclesia planters, Satan is going to be routed and he knows it!!! You can't be halfway on this! Either this is all the way wrong or its right! The DEVIL SURE IS NERVOUS ABOUT IT!!!!!! He's biting his finger nails right now because I'm writing this. Two days ago my car got sick and my clutch went bad so I need a new one and he threatened me and said "give up writing this." "It's not the will of God" NONSENSE!!! MANY ARE THE AFFLICTIONS OF THE RIGHTEOUS BUT THE Lord delivers him out of them ALL!!!!! Three days ago my father just passed away. Now I have to go to California and take care of all kinds of situations concerning his untimely death. This came as a surprise to us he seemed like he was in such good health. The devil doesn't want me to keep writing this book!

This story may be hard for you to believe that there was this much going on against the seemingly little stuff I was talking about in those days but this story is absolutely true. Now this is hard for me to describe because I'm still talking about what happened with in a couple of minutes and I'm not even done yet there is so much packed into that short period of time so it is very difficult to convey the inward agony I was going through but the stress and pain and hurt, rejection and loneliness was so much that I was sitting on that brown carpet of that brother's living room literally shaking from head to foot!!!

Then it got even worse! My body was literally JERKING as I was sitting there. But thank God I knew a secret. Of course there was another factor: because I was alone again the gates of hell could prevail against me. Just the day before there were at least three stones built together and the gates of hell could not prevail against building but now I was a stone alone and its awful difficult for a man to be alone in a city without the building and to stand up against the forces of hell. You had better be a Paul or something. Let me say something right now to all you scoffers out there who are reading this and mocking me and laughing at how full of nonsense is this silly brother who writing all these things is! First of all, if that is your case YOU DON'T HAVE A CLUE AS TO WHAT SPIRITUAL REALITY IS! 2ND, YOU HAVE BEEN BLINDED BY SATAN TO THINK THAT THOSE LITTLE THINGS HE DOES TO YOU TO KEEP YOU ASLEEP PROVES YOU ARE ON THE RIGHT TRACK. JESUS SAID WHOOOOAAAAA UNTO YOU IF ALL MEN SPEAK WELL OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!! I WOULD SAY YOU'D BETTER REPENT! THE FACT IS HE BOTHERS YOU A LITTLE TO DECEIVE YOU INTO THINKING THAT YOU ARE ON THE RIGHT PATH AND THAT YOU REALLY BOTHER HIM WHEN ALL ALONG HE'S GOT YOU UNDER HIS LITTLE FINGER IN THE ORGANIZED CHURCH RIGHT WHERE HE WANTS YOU AND HE FEELS AS SECURE ABOUT YOU AS AMERICANS DO ABOUT THEIR LIFE AND WHEN HE THINKS OF YOU HE SMILES AND YAWNS!!!!! HE CAN GO TO SLEEP SOUNDLY CAUSE HE'S NOT BOTHERED AT ALL BY YOUR LIFE!!!! Now doesn't this stir you up at least a little bit? Probably not. But unless you can get into this as and then beyond it to the full freedom to where you know what I have just said is not real because you are buried and raised with Christ and seated together and forgiven and blended with the Body and FREE from all things …… well…….. the bottom line is you need to fall upon your face and beg the Lord for a revelation of HIMSELF as truth and then keep on reading this and all the other books I've recommended. Because it will, if you follow on after this to get these realities in your life, give you an experience of abundant life.

To get back to the story, this demonic attack was so bad that I was sitting there trying to control myself but I was violently shaking like an old man, you know. And then the brother stood up and he said "Now brother, I know you feel a lot of tension and stuff…" he said, "but I've called for one of the elders from the Fire Escape to come here and meet with you tonight and talk with you about these things." Inside me I was saying "Yeah! Thanks a lot brother! That's just what I need!! (of course I'm being sarcastic) But iot was at this point my body actually started jerking and the enemy wanted to take control of me and probably make a total fool of me as the evil ones literally started to POUR hatred and cruel unkindness into my heart. At this point I needed to calm down so at least I grabbed one weapon to fight back. (Would to God I knew how to fight then like I know now!) Because I finally realized the hand of the enemy somewhat I started to call upon the Name of the Lord. I started calling out loud "LORD JESUS" "OH LORD JESUS" " OH LORD JESUS!!" Finally I stopped shaking and got enough peace to where my body was back under my control. But the damage done to my soul was inestimable.

During this time here is an example of some of the multitudes of thoughts going through my head. You see, the devil doesn't come to you as the devil. He would never be able to deceive you this way. He comes as GOD! That's right! Or as an angel of light. In my case of course he was pretending to be the chastening hand of God and boy did he pity poor little me! THAT should have told me it was the enemy right there. Why? Because self-pity is of the devil! So is fear! And there was all kinds of fear there. But it was not the fear of God. tHe fear of god melts your heart and makes you want to come to Him and truly repent. The Satanic fear causes you to shrink from the Lord and want to run away and hide and even commit suicide because of the broken up feelings with in and the sense of self worth goes down. Jesus NEVER DESTROYS YOUR SELF WORTH. YOU ARE WORTH SO MUCH TO HIM THAT HE GAVE HIS BLOOD FOR YOU PRICELESS SOUL AND NO ONE HAS EVER HONOURED YOU MORE THAN JESUS CHRIST WHO HONOURED YOU BY LAYING DOWN TO BE NAILED TO THE CROSS!!!!! YOU are worth that much to Him!

To continue: the thoughts I experienced were: "how do you know this local church thing is right?" "Maybe you're wrong" "How could you be right and EVERYONE ELSE around you is wrong?" "You are too proud!" " Why don't you humble yourself!" " You are just trying to exalt yourself in the Kingdom of God!" " Get off your high horse! You're too un-teachable and won't listen to others." " Maybe you don't love your brothers and sisters!" " Maybe YOU are the one who is WRONG!" "Just give this idea up and you'll have peace!" Don't you think with all this trouble its just not worth it?" "What are you doing?" "You're going to lose everything!" "What about your wife, she probably won't agree with you either and THEN where will you be!" "How do you know the local church is right?" "How do you know God didn't give you these orders to Charleston to take you away from the local church?" "These are you brothers and sisters!" "How do you know you weren't in a false group?" "How do you know God didn't take you out of it and give you these orders to get you away from it???" "Oh! That thing about God asking you to raise up a church in Charleston, how do you know that was God? Maybe it was just a still small voice!" "You might as well just be with these other Christians" "Why you having such a hard time?" "Just meet with them!" "Be with them, ya know! You need the fellowship!" "You know, these brothers and sisters are probably saying something. " "you know, God deals with you through brothers and sisters!" "You know you should listen to your brothers and sisters!!" "Do you think you are the only one in the world who is right and everybody else is wrong?" "I'm (here was a demon trying to pretend to be the Holy Spirit and saying "I'm" as if he were God) trying to chasten you to bring you back to fellowship with your brothers and sisters. You should love your brothers and sisters. Can't you see that what you are doing is causing dissension, heartache and trouble. Aren't you a trouble maker?" This questioning went on for not just that confrontation but for all that tortuous night and all of the next day. Hey! Have you ever noticed that a snake is in the shape of a question mark? But the enemy said "Why are you such a trouble maker with your brothers and sisters? NOW I'M MAD!!! EXCUSE ME DEVIL!!! BUT I'M GOING TO BE EVEN MORE AND MORE OF A TROUBLE MAKER IF I HAVE TO - - TO TELL THE TRUTH!!!!!!!! I'M GOING TO TELL IT LIKE IT IS!

Anyway, this is just a small sample of some of the things I was being flooded with. Some of the other things that were happening inside me are indescribable and I don't even know how to write about them.I have NEVER before then or since then ever endured such a warrior-like intense attack of Satan not just from a demon or two but from the very armies of hell! How would YOU withstand such a thing? Think about it. Or would the devil even think twice about you? Do you know what the front lines of battle are really like? Do you REALLY have any idea how downright bloody and ugly it can get? Have you ever been brutally and cruelly wounded and crucified? Physically, spiritually, emotionally or mentally? And then have you been left exposed and naked and out there alone to just rot! Have you ever been disliked and hated and rejected? Ugly is the only word that can describe a crucifixion and it includes being stripped, embarrassed, losing your dignity, your pride, your face, and your reputation through gossiping, hurtful lies and innuendoes. I'm not suggesting that you go after these things, no way, but THAT'S the front lines and if you've never been through any of this you have not gone very far in the things of God or in following the footsteps of the nail pierced feet of the Crucified! Oh Jesus! Please lead us to Your throne! Oh! But there's a cross before there's a throne!!!! How can you sit with Him on His throne if you endure no cross???? Amy Carmichael once wrote in a poem: "could it be he has followed far who has no wound, no scar?"

Now don't get me wrong in all this. The Christian life is usually not one bloody ugly hell on earth, usually it is outpoured kindness, blessings and the mercies of God following all the days of your life and even during the days I have just mentioned, but there are times that there is a price to pay to follow Jesus Christ and the question is do you have enough of his love, grace, riches, unfailing kindness, revelation, truth and reality of the burning desires of the very heart of the Lord within you to withstand the pressure when your fiery testing days will come? Or does God even dare bring you to such a test? Maybe you would blow up!!! Or the other question is: Is the devil even the slightest bit interested in giving you any hell?? That's something you should consider. BUT maybe you shouldn't. Maybe, Ooops! REALLY you just need to get hungry after Jesus and hunger after LOVING THE LORD JESUS AND EVERYTHING ELSE WILL FOLLOW IN ITS TIME! But soon you will see that you'll have to learn to love Him not merely for yourself but for HIMSELF.

I do not know if it is true but I have in many times since thought that the devil himself engineered all of the demons in the whole state of South Carolina as it seemed there was at least a thousand of them launched against me. It seemed that the enemy forgot the rest of the Christians in the state and as if his attitude was "these other Christians don't bother me. I can relax and drink a coke and watch TV and just kick back with what they're doing but this guy: he bothers me." Because if Christians would get together the way I'm talking about here then Jesus can get His Body. If Christians get actually built up so that the Head Christ can actually express His life through His Body on earth, then once again Jesus will walk throughout the land. Then once again Jesus will pour His love out in our land and where will that put the poor old devil? Crushed under His feet in a million pieces! (sadistic aren't I?!!)

To continue, after I got some peace by calling on the name of the Lord, He actually gave me something to say but it was not what He could have given me had I been better founded in the truth at that time. He reminded me of a man named Ignatius and how Ignatius because he got off of the Word of God on one small itsy bitsy verse in Scripture, he corrupted almost the whole kingdom eventually and was one of the most responsible ones for causing the growth of the worldly clergy laity system. I think he lived the 2nd or so century and had known the apostle John so credence was given to his teaching. The problem? He did not see that the elder and the overseer (or bishop) according to Paul's letter to Timothy are the same man. So he started the thing of a "head elder" (whoops! Here we go subtracting from the one and only Head Jesus Christ again). Calling the man a Bishop. Soon there was a Head Bishop in a central city over the head bishops in the surrounding cities. This became the hierarchy of the Catholic Church headed by the topmost head bishop, the pope who is the ultimate head of the church in the whole world with a chain of command system beneath him. Of course even in the first century with Jerusalem Satan was already trying to birth the concept of the "mother church." From this and not seeing that the book of TITUS (would to God Ignatius had read it!) PROVES that elders and bishops are the same guy " 5 For this reason I left you in Crete, that you should set in order the things that are lacking, and appoint elders in every city as I commanded you- …. Then: 7 For a bishop must be blameless, as a steward of God, not self-willed, not quick-tempered, not given to wine, not violent, not greedy for money, … "and they are older more experienced brothers watching, caring and serving others, never lording it over them. (As Peter said in I Pet. 5:3).

With this line of reasoning I was able to barely keep my head above water as far as holding my own in conversation and trying to rove I had a valid point but, unfortunately, the attack had accomplished quite some work over on me and 90% of the heart and heat was knocked out of me. I was like a boxer punched one too many times in the ring and was on the verge of giving up and falling over, a bloody mess. Within, I felt like giving up and was saying (or was I hearing?) within "What's the use?" this is the inward awful struggling I was going through as the so called "elder" from the fire escape also named Richard arrived and we once again went out to eat.

After this and into the next day all these doubts and volumes of flooding thoughts kept torturing me, killing my self worth, depressing me, even daring to border on suicide kind of feelings but not daring to give me those kinds of thoughts as I figure now Satan thought they would surely be exposed as the enemy instead of the fake chastening hand of God. The thoughts went on: "How do you know the local church is right?" "How do you know God didn't give you these orders to Charleston to take you away from the local church?" "These are you brothers and sisters!" "How do you know you weren't in a false group?" "How do you know God didn't take you out of it and give you these orders to get you away from it???" "Oh! That thing about God asking you to raise up a church in Charleston, how do you know that was God? Maybe it was just a still small voice!" "You might as well just be with these other Christians" "Why you having such a hard time?" "Just meet with them!" "Be with them, ya know! You need the fellowship!" "You know, these brothers and sisters are probably saying something. " "You know, God deals with you through brothers and sisters!" "You know you should listen to your brothers and sisters!!" "Do you think you are the only one in the world who is right and everybody else is wrong?" "I'm (here was a demon trying to pretend to be the Holy Spirit and saying "I'm" as if he were God) trying to chasten you to bring you back to fellowship with your brothers and sisters. You should love your brothers and sisters. Can't you see that what you are doing is causing dissension, heartache and trouble. Aren't you a trouble maker?" All these kinds of thoughts were producing fear in me. All these kind of thoughts were producing DOUBT in me causing me to doubt the scripture where it says there's one church in one city! Now I don't care if all the Christians on the WHOLE EARTH don't believe this, brother, I'll stand by myself and believe because I've had such an assurance from God through this experience!!!! This experience put such an assurance and faith inside of me. This experience put a strength in me. THROUGH THIS EXPERIENCE I COULD FACE ALL HELL AFTER THIS HAD ALL HAPPENED. NOW HELL WANTS TO COME AT ME, C'MON!!!!!!!! C'MON DEVIL, SEE WHAT YOU CAN DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'LL TELL YOU BROTHER! WE NEED TO GO THROUGH THINGS LIKE THIS! IF YOU GET ON YOUR FACE BLEEDING FROM THE DEVIL, MAN, IT'LL GET YOU MAAAADDDDDD AT THE DEVIL!!!!!!!! IT'LL PUT THE LION OF THE TRIBE OF JUDAH IN YOU!!!!!!!!! IT'LL PUT THE LION INSIDE!!! IT'LL MAKE YOU ENRAGING MAD AT THE DEVIL!!!!!! IT'LL PUT THE WRATH OF GOD AGAINST SATAN IN YOU HEART. FROM THAT DAY I BECAME A PART OF THE ROARING OF THE ONE WHO IS ALSO CALLED THE LION OF THE TRIBE OF JUDAH,YOU KNOW, THE ONE WHO ROARS!!!!!!!!!!! IT'LL DO SOMETHING TO YOU TO MAKE YOU TAKE A STAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now don't you think there has been too much strife in the Kingdom of Gad and not enough love and caring for one another. How could those Christians have hurt me the way they did? Maybe they didn't mean to hurt me. Maybe, Satan just knew how to work to get in real close for an all out attack to try to destroy me. Whew! That was too close for comfort. But what I'm saying is isn't it a shame the way we Christians treat one another sometimes wit all the abuse and negligence? There should not be all this fighting and hurt that results from it and also results from throwing around certain forces within us that were created within us for a reason. That being anger, viciousness, animosity, rage, hate, bitterness and venom! These abilities that are within us need to be employed somewhere so why don't we turn them to where they're supposed to go? ONTO THE DEVIL!!!! IF ALL OF US WOULD GET MAD AT THE DEVIL AND LOVE THE LORD AND TURNED ALL OUR ANGER TOWARDS SATAN AND POUR IT WHERE ITS SUPPOSED TO BE POURED, WE WOULDN'T HAVE TIME TO BE FIGHTING EACH OTHER!!! Some of you however who read this book may be thinking I'm fighting against YOU and your thoughts and traditions. Good night, don't be so sensitive! I am not against any child of God rather I am for them and that is why I will rebuke you if you need it in truth, in love and in meekness. It is not the believers I am against, it is the walls between them. And by the way it is not Christians I'm blaming or laying the blame to in this book it is their tradition. It is the SYSTEM that divides Christians that is the problem and if people of God are still involved in it, it is usually because they are deceived 9 times out of ten and who am I to judge who are the other maybe 10%, if that's what it is?

This guy, the other Richard, (you remember the one? He was the one who came out 1st, the night of the spit-tuewee' episode concerning "the authority of God") didn't spend as long as Ron talking to me but we were there till 11:00. It was much too late before a work day for a mere lowly mess crank who's got to be at work at 0500 in the morning.

Well, of course this conversation about the things of God proved to be a pearls before swine session also as this brother Richard took his version at least of what he thought I said back to Ron and fed it to that twisted mind. Then it probably went in one ear and got twisted again before it got to the other side of his head and went out the other ear, if you know what I mean. There was a lot of bias here, but to this day I do not think Ron Gatrelle knows half of what was or has really happened to me. Soon after I write this I plan to look this dear brother up and let him get a hold of this so he can see the real facts and possibly be healed of some things. Anyway, its possible that this report from Richard to Ron (which is a fact according to people who told me that that is why Richard came to see me that night, namely to report back what I believe and what my allegiance was to) added fire to the flame which finally led to spitting episode.

Any how, if you, my dear brother Ron, gets a hold of this book, I would like to say thanks to you and thanks to God for you, brother, because without you the most important revelation of the entire 20th century would not have been made possible.

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