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The Revelation of the Lost Keys
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The most important revelation ever given by
God to a man during the 20th century!

Chpater 17

Should a Follower of Jesus be the Spit-ee' or the Spit-er?

OK. Are you ready to get into the time tunnel again? Sorry to do this to you again but there are many facts making up this background. Now we must jump eight months to future after the events of the five-day sequence of events. We're jumping around all over the place. Too bad we don't really have time travel (that is in our flesh).

It was after the events of the five-day sequence that Richard, his wife and couple of others of those of us who were meeting together eight months later decided to go visit the Fire Escape and Ron Gatrelle. (Go ahead and sue me quick Ron, I don't have much of anything right now!) Ron was considered the "pastor" there by those who met there and some also called him a prophet. Whether he was a prophet or not I do not know. I do believe there is such a thing as prophets today, but frankly I have to tell you that whether Ron was one or not, I don't know and to be honest with you, I don't care! Now you remember what I said about me not going back there since that one night. Well this was the time I went back! And I went in with some of the sheep that this "sheep stealer" that I am took away from Ron. I'm such a bad man!

Ron, of course, being such a "man of God" that he was and a prophet and whatever else it was they called him, had had a premonition that I was going to be coming to his place that night from the supernatural world! He knew I was coming! From what I heard later he also got instructions from the same source as to what to do when I got there.

We arrived at the Fire Escape (I think it was a Friday night) after their meeting had started and went upstairs where people were sitting in neat rows all looking straightforward of course. At who? Ron, of course, was standing there with a microphone in his hand pacing back and forth taking his time with his preaching subject. Our wives decided to stay outside parked across the street. Only Richard and a brother named Scott went in with me.

As soon as we got in we proceeded to take our seats but I never actually got to sit down in that cold chair. I was halfway into when I had to stand back up because when Ron saw me his whole body straightened up and he said, "Kevin (then he stated my last name, which I do not mention on my site because I do not like being contacted in any way except email - if you want to say some ugly challenging stuff email me and I get to reply!), Would you please leave!?!!" As I stood back upright I said "Wha…wha… brother?" To that he curtly replied, "Ushers, see him out the door!" Then as they came up to me to escort me out, I said as I was starting to go out with them "Brother, what's the problem???" Then he said "There goes Judas Iscariot, there goes the devil!" as I was being led out. Here I called him brother, but he called me Judas Iscariot and a devil!

Poor brother Scott! He was just a young Christian and had never seen such mean things among Christians. (I hate to say this, but these kinds of things among Christians are quite common and that's reality. If anyone is NOT going to cut corners and instead tell you the TRUTH its gonna be me!) (See, I told you the stuff about Ron was not gonna be boring! If you think this is mere gossip, read the rest of the story first. I hold no bitterness of any kind toward this brother. He apologized to me years ago for this and I forgave him. But even as Paul wrote of the public incident between Peter and himself to the Galatians and it became public knowledge for the preservation of the truth of the gospel even so I do in this book to help certain other men of God restore truths that have been lost for literally centuries.) At this point poor Scott got up and left when I got up and left because with in himself he said, "if they're gonna do that to my brother Kevin, I am not going to stay around for this kind of thing." But brother Richard stayed inside to see what would happen next and to take notes about whatever else Ron was going to say. Hmmm …. Could Richard with stand the poison? Was he mature enough in courts of the Lord's very heart? I still don't know what was said the rest of that evening. But Richard later proved that he was going to go back to today's formal ritualistic Christianity later on.

In a sense it's a good thing brother Richard stayed in there because I would have stayed even if he hadn't! there I was across the street pacing back and forth on the sidewalk while my wife and Richard's wife sat in the truck. Why was I going to stay there? Oh! That's simple! Because of the words of the Lord Jesus Christ when He said "if your brother has ought in his heart against you, go to him!" So since I did not know what it was Ron had against me (I actually never really knew what it was till two years after that! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!), I was going to stay and find out. The general consensus was that we were waiting for Richard but I changed it to I'm waiting for Ron. When Scott asked me why I was going to stay till Ron came out I said "He kicked me off of his premises because he has the right to do so governmentally but this is the public sidewalk and he cannot kick me off of here! Then I quoted him that scripture concerning the words of Christ I just mentioned. Then I said "the Lord said if the brother has ought against you go to him … so I'm going to go to him, even if I have to wait all night till he comes out …of that coffee house he ran for God, or whatever you know, and I'm going to find out what's going on in his head.

After about a an hour and a half wait, some people started trickling out of the building so I crossed the street and stood there right in front out on the sidewalk. Eventually one of the so-called "elders" (if you want to know the real truth about Biblical eldership, the 20th century produced the best book about "Eldership" ever written. I highly recommend it. What's the title? "Rethinking Elders" It's also by Gene Edwards) came out whose name was also Richard (he is also mentioned in later parts of my story). Being a so-called "elder" he probably thought he had the right to speak to me as rudely as he did and told me curtly: "A man of God told you to leave. What are you still doing here?" He continued this kind of talk! "A prophet of God, the authority of God told you leave!" Here they are calling him "the authority of God" now , you know! To that I replied, "Whether he is a prophet or authority of God or not, I do not know. And even if he does have authority ("cough!! Ahem!! I don't even believe in authority over one another anymore! Paul had authority to discipline concerning the Corinthians in II Cor. But nowhere does it say brother has authority OVER other brothers except maybe parents to children and masters to slaves but that is NOT in spiritual things! But here they were calling this man the authority of God! Was his authority to hurt other children of God without cause? If you're going to discipline or you think you even can at least give me a reason!) "Whether he is a prophet or authority of God or not, I do not know. And even if he does have authority or if he doesn't have the authority of a prophet, the Bible has greater authority and the Bible says "if your brother has ought against you, GO TO HIM. So when he comes out here I'm going to go to him."

Now it was only about one to three minutes after I said these things to Richard that Ron came out so I do not know if anyone reported my words to Ron or not. To this very day I still do not know, but it is obvious someone told him I was out there because of the way he came out. It was as if a storm in the form of a whirlwind came out of the door of that place! Let's put it this way. I didn't have to move very far in order to go to him. He did most of that for me! He came out storming, rushing at me headlong, walking as swiftly as a man can walk (Hey! With that hair and his beard he even looked, not just acted, like some kind of a mad prophet or something) and as he strode towards me with all his total boldness, no fear and perfect confidence in his righteousness he shouted the words: "I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU TO LEEEAVE!!!!! with all his "authority" and everything, you know! Then he rushed up to me and spit in my face!!!!! Now, wait a minute! I thought the Christians were supposed to be followers of Jesus. I thought Christians were supposed to be the spit-tee's, not the spit-ters. Can you see that dreadful day in the garden of Gethsemane when the soldiers spit Jesus in the face. Did He spit back at them? Is that the Christian thing to do? Did He collect a big 'ol luggie and spit back at them and say "here's one for you!" It sounds funny, but can't you see that the very thought is ridiculous? Then he angrily said "what're you still doing here!"

At this point I knew that the scripture had said that a soft answer turns away wrath so I lowered my voice and said "Brother, I'm here because I'd like to know why you did this and because the scripture says "If your brother has ought against you, go to him." Well, his voice lowered and came down so the wrath thing worked but he still had given lodging to a deceiving spirit and it was still operating. He went on to say something like this: "I know you must be a seeker of god and you must have been quite sincere at one time but something of the enemy has happened to you and you've become twisted and your conscience seared with a hot iron and you're beyond help for years now. " (It's amazing how little he knew about me, but the way it came out and the spirit with which it came got me upset and I almost kind of started to believe him just a little!) The he said "I believe your are in some kind of cult or something (so maybe he was trying to protect 'his flock' or something?). I know God said "come now and let us reason together, but I'm not going to reason with you, you devil!!! There is a wall between us" … and he made a hand motion up and down between us with the back of his palm toward me and shouted again: "you see this wall? Between us there is nothing there… and do you see this wall. Between us there is nothing but DIVISION" Then he really shouted: DIVISION and BITTERNESS!!!! At this point I knew I had tried to obey the Lord and as far as I knew to do but it was OK to turn around and give up.

Do you see that the enemy that works in the children of disobedience (whether they know they are disobedient or not) works even in Christians when they are not right on with the Word whether they realize it or not? Good night it could even happen to Peter a man who walked with Jesus day and night and heard His Word hour by hour! This was just the divisions of Satan. Through this ugly glass do you see how today's Christians are? They are divided in all kind of divisions and sects against each other. It's because they are walking according to their own concept, opinion and according to the thought of man, not according to the thought of God. This is why Peter was rebuked and Jesus actually called him SATAN! Well …. Just cause I was called Satan doesn't mean that I was Satan …at that time when I was called Satan by a mere man just cause he said so. You need to read on further and get the facts. Of course there have been many other times for me …. But now is not the time to go there! Even Jesus was called Satan and lord of the flies also but was it ever true in His case? But we need to stand for the unity where the gates of hell cannot overcome! There can be talk of the oneness of believers actually built together with the glory and gold of God but how can you have oneness till you first have unity? The stones must be at the same location together before they can cemented together.

Of course, before all this had taken place I did not know that there was that much negative going on in this man. But if it weren't then the things that happened to me during the five-day trek would not have taken place.

At this point I will unravel this part of the mystery for you as best I can. It was till two years later I found out from another brother who attended the F.E. that Ron had the book "The God -Men" in his library, the book that de-famed brother Lee, and he had had it there since I first knew him. That explained everything to me. At this point I would refer you back to chapter 6 again as to what I wrote about that book. To make a long story short, it is full of poison. If someone reads it who doesn't know all the facts from both sides, how could you possibly blame the guy for not thinking the local church was a cult? After I heard this I did not blame Ron at all. That book had probably already poisoned him somewhat the first time he met me. That explains why I felt uncomfortable the first time I talked to him according to the inner witness of the Spirit. Then there was a report made a few weeks later by another brother (the "elder" Richard ) who had talked at length with me. That probably became a lengthy inaccurate conversation and Ron probably went back to read the God-Men some more after which he became an avenue of Satan in that city, though he may have been unaware of it.

Even though I did not blame him, still it was wrong what he did and the Holy Spirit sure did blame and convict. It is reported that he did not get peace or sleep until he confessed his sin to God later. After that he eventually also apologized to his congregation and admitted his behavior to be wrong. But he did not personally apologize to me till six months later and when he did you could tell that his attitude was still against what I stood for. Actually I do not think he ever really knew what I stood for.

From this you should learn not to just receive what you read or hear at face value. You should dig in and investigate lest you receive the very lies of hell and in receiving them become an avenue of Satan by receiving the enemy himself. Good night man! If Peter could become an avenue of Satan in the very presence of Jesus Himself, why can't Ron? Why could it not happen to me or you? Of course, my dear dear brother Ron did not know he was the avenue of Satan, nor did he know why. Now I'm not into this mentality today which says we shouldn't listen to anything else except what your "great pastor" says so close your ears to the radio etc. THAT is WHY we're so deceived these days. The real truth is you need to TEST all things by the Word and find out the real facts and listen to both sides of the story! We are in a day when most of us can read in America. We shouldn't close our ears. Rather we should open them even more and know the truth (or reality) and the truth will make us free. Just make sure that the story which is in the scriptures is your final yardstick of truth.

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