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The Revelation of the Lost Keys
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The most important revelation ever given by
God to a man during the 20th century!

Chapter 12

Psalm 133: From the Beard to the Hem of His Garments!

Now I'd like to share with you concerning the 2nd passage that was so meaningful to me during that time. Since there was so much said already concerning this passage I will not spend much time on this chapter. Since this book is about the keys of the kingdom I had to spend a lot time on that! Psalm 133, being one of the passages that was in my mind again and again concerning the Body of Christ was something the Holy Spirit was especially teaching me during that time frame, even through pre-arranged circumstances as I have already written. Here's the text:

{A Song of degrees. Of David.} 1 Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity! 2 Like the precious oil upon the head, that ran down upon the beard, upon Aaron's beard, that ran down to the hem of his garments; 3 As the dew of Hermon that descendeth on the mountains of Zion; for there hath Jehovah commanded the blessing, life for evermore.

This is one of the most beautiful Psalms in history. It is significant that the word "head" is used here and that of the high priest. It is amazing the mysterious writer of Hebrews denotes the high priest as being a type of Christ Who is our real High Priest and the fulfillment of the office of High Priest. But this High Priest is also our Head! We are His Body! It was Paul who got this revelation of the Body beyond all the others in his time-frame. This was probably due to the fact of the Lord's words to him when he was fallen to the earth under the Light of lights like a dead man: "Saul, Saul, why do you persecute Me?" This would be a strange question if we were not Jesus Christ! Paul was not persecuting some untouchable glorified Person who hung around up in the sky and called the sun His buddy! No! He was persecuting those poor Jewish believers on earth. But Jesus said "Me"! What did He mean by ME? He meant what He said of course! If the ETERNAL TRUTH said Me then He meant ME!!!! Maybe you have never considered these things. Maybe you have never considered that all the those high and holy things which are written of the glorious High Priest of the profession of our faith in the book of Hebrews were also written of you and pertain to you!!!!!!!! Of course, this is not you by yourself only, but with all saints as the members of His Body. This is proved by the words: " Like the precious oil upon the head, that ran down upon the beard, upon Aaron's beard, that ran down to the hem of his garments " the same anointing that is upon (the same although it is not the highest!) Head of the one Body flows down upon all His members "even to the hem of His garments!" Now you have to think about this one: this IS real! But how is this to be made real in our experience? Obviously as we stay in our rightful organic place in the Body of Christ rightly related to the other members, functioning as a medium of that life flow that flows through the members and properly under the Headship of Christ we will be in the flow. However, that is only too obvious to me. There is more to it. That is why the Psalmist under the unction of the Holy Spirit takes a different turn.

" As the dew of Hermon that descendeth on the mountains of Zion;" So this reality can happen in many different locations upon this earth BUT .. who said Zion had mountains? I thought it was one mountain and Jerusalem was located upon it. Jerusalem, of course has great meaning in the scripture as being the city of the great King or the center of His government, administration, plan, fulfillment and this name is used of His Bride who is the crowning revelation and consummation of the eternal purpose and God's heart's desire. Jerusalem is also where the temple of God was built as a picture of God's dwelling place. So you can even in this short Psalm of 3 verses see volumes and volumes of revelation and YES there have been whole books written concerning the depths of the mines of unsearchable riches hidden within this Psalm. It is very significant.

It goes on to pinpoint a LOCATION for this flowing of ointment: "for there hath Jehovah commanded the blessing, life for evermore." There? There is where? Oh Oh! We forgot the 1st verse. The where is where brethren dwell together in unity. Now please tell me where that is, because this where has to exist or the Psalmist would have not been inspired by the Spirit of truth to write a lie by saying "THERE" and thereby mislead us! So, is it the so-called "Unitarian" "church" because the word "unity" is on a sign above their building? Of course that is nonsense! That does not even refer to the unity of the brethren. Of course the word unity has to be Biblically defined! And it cannot be according to my mere, little, narrow, silly, stupid, earthly and bull headed definition of it either! This is NOT the same as oneness. Oneness is organic and it is an organic fact of life that cannot be broken. The experience of the reality of this oneness CAN be effected by our condition, fellowship with God and our relatedness to unity with our brethren. And of course our relationship to the anointing which John in I John 2 says we already have can be radically affected by our relationship to that which I have just mentioned.

So what is Christian unity? I believe I have covered this in chapter 2 of this book, but if you want a more thorough coverage of the matter you should read the book "Further Talks on the Church Life" by Watchman Nee. It was Watchman Nee that saw the matter of one assembly for every one locality as being very plainly set forth in the New Testament. In fact, to be blunt about it. THERE IS NO VARIATION FROM THIS PRINCIPLE WHATSOEVER IN THE NEW TESTAMENT! There was just no other kind of unit. The unit is the one unit in the unit of the city. Just as there is one moon in Paris. One moon in New York city, one in Denver and etc. So God considers ALL His children in a particular locality which includes a city town or village ONE ASSEMBLY. He simply does not see or honor all these separate groupings of believers as being different "churches" with different names. This should be clear to us if we note the words of the Lord Jesus to John in Revelation 1:11 where He specifically mentions SEVEN ecclesias which were each one in each of SEVEN localities. This is not just a Revelation thing. The whole New Testament follows suit. There is one other thing concerning unity. All of these assemblies throughout the earth are NOT separate "bodies" of believers. There is only one Body and that Body IS Christ according to Paul in I Cor. 12. So, even though all believers should be one with all others in a practical way for meeting together in their own locality, they should as much as possible still remember to fellowship with ALL believers as members together of the ONE Body of of the one Head, Jesus Christ universally. So unity is both local and universal at the same time. Now when you are in fellowship with God and right with God and have come clean by confessing your sin, etc. AND you have come to the place that you really STAND with those who also STAND on the basis of being one ecclesia in one locality because you all simply agree with God on this matter then: THERE is the commanded blessing! This has been a BIG matter of a real fight over this in these latter days. It is because, without the living stones being brought to the same place to be together, how can they be built together? It is impossible! And Satan knows this! So of course he's going to fight this BIG TIME! In fact I wouldn't be surprised if he has tried over and over to keep you from reading this! I'm no help with all my discouraging words, either! But unless something higher than flesh and blood revels these things to your heart I know that all these words are useless and I can only do nothing. So you see, this is not going to be received by everyone. This was a big issue in Charleston, South Carolina. As has been proved by history since that time. There was no meeting of god's people in Charleston who stood upon the ground of one assembly for one locality. There was NOT EVEN ONE GROUP OF CHRISTIANS WHO AGREED WITH GOD ON THIS MATTER AND WHO STOOD ON THIS GROUND IN THE WHOLE STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA TILL WE TOOK A STAND! What happened to me there was a not just a personal sign to me. What happened to me in Charleston in 1983-1984 WAS A MONUMENT IN THE HISTORY OF CHRISTIANITY! IT WAS A SIGNPOST OF THE WAYS OF GOD BEING REVEALED TO MAN!

I have found through the years that this is really a matter of the heart. If God perceives that you CHOOSE to be there and nothing else will do BUT there then you are going to taste (perhaps for the first time like I did) the blessing. And THIS blessing is not an individual one but rather a corporate one. The ointment just flows and flows and flows THERE! Where? Where brethren dwell together in unity! There is just something about this blessing that surpasses all others!

Now if the foundation stone of the confession of the revelation of the wonderful Christ is laid there there will really be something special. Even "life forever more." Hmmm .so what is that? It is the abundant life Jesus spoke of in John 10. It is true that ALL believers have this life (which is pronounced "Zoe" in the Greek and refers to the divine kind of life or the uncreated incorruptible divine life of God which has been infused into us. Most of us have very little or no idea of the riches, qualities and capabilities of that life which we have within but all true believers have at least been touched by that life and know a little by experience at least. So what is the difference between "life and have it more abundantly" or rather just life and abundant life? The life is individual (though not really) but to experience the abundant life you need to do it corporately. The life of Jesus in his Body is the very life of His Father which is the very life of God as Christ is God of very God being the very DNA or offspring of God and this "Son of the living God" upon Whom we are built by the same principle of DNA has given us yet still remains His very Own life which flows from member to member in His Body to express the Lord Jesus Himself!

What a life! I will testify to the fact that in such a situation where the divisive self does not have its way, the heady new wine has a wineskin with no holes! It doesn't leak out! Then as long as you stay in a situation where you give and receive this flowing will still flow and not become a dead sea! Believe me, from THAT kind of relationship the words of Ezekiel can easily come to pass: there were waters to swim in and a multitude of fish!

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