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The Revelation of the Lost Keys
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The most important revelation ever given by
God to a man during the 20th century!

Chapter 11

Three Biblical Passages: The Building, the Body and the Bride; 1st: Matthew 16:13-26

The ark of the covenant in the holy of holies in the tabernacle.

During those days before and after boot camp and also before and after my transfer to the East Coast there were 3 passages that kept coming back to me over and over. It is interesting that these 3 passages had everything in the world not only to do with that 5-day trek which is the center and purpose of this book, but also the very eternal purpose of God. If God had not desired the above three mentioned realities as presented in the title of this

chapter I do not believe He would even started to create. The three passages concern three of the aspects of God's eternal purpose that concern His extension and very much to do with the ecclesia, assembly or what some people call the "church." Anyhow these are the three aspects of the assembly, habitat or building of God that were being revealed to me at that time. The first passage (Matt. 16:13-26) concerned the Christ of God as the foundation for His people to be built up as the building of God. In other words, God's building. The 2nd (Psalm 133:1-3) concerns Christ as the Head and His people as the Body under the anointing. In other words, THE ONE NEW MAN made up of Christ as the Head and Him and us as Christ's Body. The third passage consists of the 1st two chapters of the Bible and the last two chapters of the Bible with special emphasis upon the married couple in both passages. There is a book I picked up for the first time during that 5-day stretch which I'll come to later as a very big part of this story. It is interesting that brother Witness Lee, who wrote that book takes these 3 items in the same order as they were brought to me during this revelation: the #1. Building, #2. The Body, and #3. The Bride. What really amazed me upon review of these things was that Paul's letter entitled to the Ephesians contains a revelation of these things in the exact same order! In chapter 2 Paul speaks of us being the building as a holy temple, a habitat or house for God by His Spirit. He speaks of the Body in chapter one yes, but his major revelation of the Body is in chapters 3 & especially 4. Then he writes probably the greatest revelation of the Bride of Christ to that date in chapter 5.

It is interesting if you study these writings you will find that the revelation of the Body of Christ saturates every other revelation of the ecclesia in this letter. For example in chapter 5 Paul states that a husband should love His wife even as his own body as the Lord loves the ecclesia and cherishes her. Paul does there refer to Adam as having part of his body removed from him and then that counterpart being removed and being loved as his own body because she was his own body and the two became one again. But in all that it is quite evident there is more revelation of the Body. Then it says He is the Savior of the Body, speaking of the same ecclesia as he was when speaking of the bride. This is why you can see quite a strong revelation of the Body in the first chapter of the letter.

Who is the Son of Man?

Matt 16:13 contains the question: "he asked his disciples, saying, Who do men say that the Son of man is?" This question in itself is a very interesting method used by the King of all teachers and revelators Himself. Jesus knew how to ask the right question at the right time in order to cause His listeners to consider things and get into a thought pattern in such a way that the Holy Spirit could then reveal something of the Lord to them. And not only would they get a revelation but in considering and giving an answer they would get even more revelation! What a Master Teacher He was!

Since they already knew the opinions of that day the first question was easy to answer: "14. And they said, Some say John the Baptist; some, Elijah; and others, Jeremiah, or one of the prophets." Then He tossed a hard one trying to get someone into an angle of divine shining light: "But who say ye that I am?"

The Anointed (Application!) and Offspring (Life-giving DNA!) of God!!!

It was only Peter who got into the ray of revelation at that time. I believe it was because He had not too long before this been the only one who had actually stepped out on faith and walked on water. He got a glimpse like none of the others at that time just who Jesus was. Sure he fell but that's because he walked! Nobody else stepped out! Sure he put his foot in his mouth but he's also the only one who put his foot ON the water!! Also he's the one who spoke the words on Pentecost by which 3000 were brought into the habitat and family of God. At this juncture: "Simon Peter answered and said, Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God.

17. And Jesus answered and said unto him, Blessed art thou, Simon Bar-Jonah: for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but my Father who is in heaven. 18. And I also say unto thee, that thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it. 19. I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven; and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. 20. Then charged he the disciples that they should tell no man that he was the Christ."

"You are the Christ" or the Messiah. Both these words mean "Anointed One." This was one of the biggest hopes of that day and age, mostly for political reasons. Many hoped for the Messiah but few understood what "Messiah" really meant and when the Reality hit home on planet earth, of course some rebelled against it as it obviously implied deep demands upon the human heart and life. The anointing is the ointment of the Holy Spirit blessing, invading, shining and even intertwining with human life. Of course Jesus Christ is the Mediator or go between of the divine life meeting the human life.

"The Son of the living God!!!!!!!!" Hallelujah! If you put the Christ together with the Son or the very Offspring of God you have here the very DNA of the divine life being applied to us by the ointment of the Holy Spirit! Christ is both! Hallelujah! The true purpose of the anointing of the Anointed One was to cause US to become the very DNA of the living God! Hallelujah! This is not just the application of Himself to our being to comfort supply and strengthen, etc. but it is the very mingling of His divinity with our new humanity! Of course this was impossible before His death and resurrection by which He cleansed us through death and caused us to be regenerated by His resurrection even as Peter tells us in I Peter 1:3: "we have been regenerated through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead."

The Father Reveals the Son The Son Reveals the Ecclesia

Peter received a revelation of Christ directly from the Father of Who this Jesus was and spoke it out as a communication not only back to the Lord but also to his brethren. Then the Lord spoke the following: "Blessed art thou, Simon Bar-jona, for flesh and blood has not revealed [it] to thee, but my Father who is in the heavens. 18 And *I* also, I say unto thee that *thou* art Peter, and on this rock I will build my assembly, and Hades' gates shall not prevail against it." Upon this rock was not just Himself. There is a false doctrine in existence saying that Peter was this rock and that this was his inauguration as the first pope. Although Jesus used the word "Peter" and changed his named from Simon to this it is a slightly different word in the Greek. But to say that Christ is this rock is not totally accurate either. Christ is everything! Of course He is the Rock, He's the stone the builders rejected and became the Head of the corner. In other places in scripture He is called the cornerstone.

It was Paul who clarified this in Ephesians 2:19 & 20 where he says the apostles and prophets are the foundation with Christ as the chief cornerstone. And you thought only Christ was the cornerstone or the foundation! Whoops! Wait a minute, does not Paul say elsewhere in I Cor. 3:11 that "other foundation no man can lay than that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ." OK Paul, which is it?!? Is it Christ or it Christ + these helpers and servants of his?

IF THIS WERE NOT SUPER SUPER IMPORTANT, WHY WOULD I WASTE MY TIME TO WRITE ABOUT IT? Without the words of the Lord Jesus and the events recorded in Matt 16 we could not get clear on this. He said "Blessed art thou, Simon Bar-jona" and if the Lord had not come to us from above how could we be blessed? It was because Peter had seen and heard Jesus that he could get a revelation of Him! There's a song: "without Him, how lost I would be." Thank God the Lord Jesus was willing to come! It was not just the Lord Jesus Christ that is this foundation, it was Peter's revelation of Who He was and how He related to him! And even THAT'S not enough! Peter then spoke that which he had seen! And this is the crucial point. So many "bar-jonas," or sons of the natural earthly man come together and receive the anointing and DNA of Christ and thereby see something of His glory. IF they do not open their mouths and speak this forth how will the Christ in them be communicated and revealed to anyone else. HOW CAN A PERSON SITTING THERE WARMING A PEW WITH HARDLY NO CHANCE TO SHARE WHAT'S IN HIM CONTRIBUTE TO THE BUILDING UP OF CHRIST'S BODY??????? Impossible! With Pastor Pope Peter up there in the pulpit doing all or most of the talking the poor constituents and members of Christ's Body sitting there in the pews will have to burst if there is a welling up of joyful expression of praise and revealing of that wonderful Christ that's been revealed to them. Oh! How much Christ has been bottled up and frustrated from being brought forth and revealed because of this situation? Well…. Actually only a little bit because in most cases the guy in the pulpit doesn't have too much revelation of the Lord either. You see; it's supposed to start with the sent ones, the church planters, or the apostles and there are not enough of these brothers around today. So now you know what is the foundation of the building up of the assembly which is His Body as revealed in the New Testament: THE FOUNDATION OF THE ECCLESIA IS CONFESSION BASED UPON THE REVELATION OF A PERSON: THE LORD JESUS CHRIST!!! But Shhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't tell anybody! If you do they'll have to get rid of the pastors and the deadening pews and start opening their mouths! And they might even have to burn their buildings down because the atmosphere inhibits free sharing because you must "keep silence before Him in the holy sanctuary." How can there be the intimacy of sharing back and forth our revelation of this wonderful Lord as a transforming revelation of His glory from beholding Him in such a cold and informal atmosphere. Well! I better get off my high horse before I become like Humpty Dumpty.

So now you see how that after our Father revealed to Peter His offspring, His Son, the Son then revealed to Peter and all the rest listening in the Ecclesia, His offspring and extension by DNA. Do you see it? I already explained it in what I said above. The ecclesia is produced by many sons being built together by the revelation of the Son of God spoken to one another and the edifying or building from this prophesying is the result! Hey! Not even the beginnings of this divine DNA getting into us much less the growth of the same divine life and nature within us to produce us into mature sons of God transformed and even conformed to the image of the Firstborn could have taken place without Christ having come to earth. If no one had come to me to tell me of Christ I could not have even been born again. Do you see this?

The Gates of Hades and the Keys of the Kingdom

There have been many teachers of the Bible who have said that there were 2 keys of the Kingdom and Peter had and used them both. He opened the door of the Kingdom to the Jews on the day of Pentecost and he then again 10 years later opened the door of faith to the Gentiles at the house of Cornelius. They say this because the Holy Spirit fell in both instances and the gift of tongues resulted from an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Sure, OK, but there are more keys to this kingdom and they are given to not only Peter but to all who are the real bearers of the revelation of Christ and who are faithful not only to the Lord but to His purpose which is the building up of His Body. These keys open many things. They open the Spirit as the holy of holies to man. They open the Tabernacle that men could enter into god Himself and have fellowship with Him. But actually the opening of the Kingdom is not mentioned as much as something else in this passage. It is another kind of door the Lord refers to. The keys do not merely open. They lock! It is a very important fact to mention here that the gates of Hades cannot prevail when there is the building up of the Divine life and nature as the one new man, Christ. But there is another factor concerning those gates also! They can even be locked up concerning this built up ecclesia! And what needs to be locked up? The gates of Hades! Here we see the Lord continue and we see what happened: "I say unto thee that *thou* art Peter, and on this rock I will build my assembly, and Hades' gates shall not prevail against it. 19 And I will give to thee the keys of the kingdom of the heavens; and whatsoever thou mayest bind upon the earth shall be bound in the heavens; and whatsoever thou mayest loose on the earth shall be loosed in the heavens. 20 Then he enjoined on his disciples that they should say to no man that he was the Christ. 21 From that time Jesus began to shew to his disciples that he must go away to Jerusalem, and suffer many things from the elders and chief priests and scribes, and be killed, and the third day be raised. 22 And Peter taking him to [him] began to rebuke him, saying, [God] be favorable to thee, Lord; this shall in no wise be unto thee. 23 But turning round, he said to Peter, Get away behind me, Satan; thou art an offense to me, for thy mind is not on the things that are of God, but on the things that are of men. " This rock denoting all that had taken place with the blessed revelation and Peter's resulting confession of the Christ before God and men as a preview of what the assembly life was really like as Paul reveals to us in I Cor. 14. But, of course, there was no way Peter or any of the rest of us could have received this Jesus and His oil of anointing and the application of His Sonship to remake us into the Ecclesia without the cross! So the Lord Jesus had to complete the revelation of that building, the assembly and Ecclesia by a revelation of his crucifixion and resurrection. You see! It's not so easy to get a revelation of the Ecclesia, which is His Body. It's easier to get a revelation of Christ.

Peter is big time proof of this. It was not long after his great confession of the Lord Jesus occurred that he turned around and became Satan. After all, man, give him a break. Aren't you the same way? We got a nature from both our first birth and our second birth. And its so easy to trip from one into the other its ridiculous. You'd think Peter would have learned it by the very events that caused him to get a revelation of who Christ was in the first place: his walking on the water. All it took was for Peter to take his eyes off his glorious Lord for one second and he got scared, lost faith and began to sink! Hey don't blame him! YOU didn't walk on water! (Probably) And the other 11 surely didn't.

It is a hard thing in these present so called "last days" of this age where the so-called latter day rain is happening to see any real building up of the organism of the corporate Body of Christ happen simply because there is so little revelation of it these days. These days are actually VERY DARK. Christians today think they are enlightened but in all actuality they are very much in the dark. They think they have touched some depths but are mostly very shallow. The unfathomless depths of the riches and mysteries of Christ have hardly been touched upon. Where are the keys? How do you use them? Where did they go? Are you concerned about this? Are you concerned about HIS KINGDOM? Or are you just concerned about your little kingdom? And pray tell: what is that? Well now, even the closest disciples who walked and talked with our Lord Jesus Christ missed it so how do we think we are the greatest Christians who ever lived. We're no doubt totally missing it. Here our Lord commends Peter and calls him "Blessed" as he did not receive what he received from flesh and blood but from the Father in heaven. Then He turns around possibly ten minutes later and calls the same man Satan! Is the Lord fickle here? I think not! I think it is Simon. The name Simon means a reed. A reed is the opposite of a stone. A reed is easily blown by the wind. In this case the wind is that which Paul spoke of in Ephesians 4:14: "in order that we may be no longer babes, tossed and carried about by every wind of *that* teaching [which is] in the sleight of men, in unprincipled cunning with a view to systematized error;" Notice it is a wind of "teaching", NOT heresy! There are many true teachings out the floating around but not towards Christ BY Christ and centered on Christ. John said you need no man to teach you. We need sit down under Christ's teaching! Also, we have to realize (and sometimes it is only by denying the Lord 3 times) that we are both Simon and Peter. Peter realized it even years and years later when he wrote his second epistle as from "Simon Peter." "Simon Peter, a servant and apostle of Jesus Christ, To those who through the righteousness of our God and Savior Jesus Christ have received a faith as precious as ours: " He knew by rough experience just who he was.

THIS is the biggest reason why we need the keys! Because we are too many times like a reed shaken by the wind and even (what do I mean even! It should be EASILY) used by the wind. How can this be stopped? #1. By the Lord building His Ecclesia! And the building comes by the confession of the revelation. How we need this. But we also need something else. We need to use the three keys of the cross. Three keys of the cross? That's right without the Christ, the Anointed One by his ointment applied by the cross to our flesh self and soul life, there can be no locking up of the gates of Hades!!! Self is the avenue by which Satan operates and comes forth whether it is a good self or a bad self!!! Again it must be reiterated again and again that you cannot fight this battle on your own without grace and without not only the grace by relation with the Lord but with the fellow stones built together. Again I say THE KEYS WORK IN THE BUILDING! THE KEYS WORK ONLY IN THE BUILDING! There MUST be some kind of relationship with the Lord's Tabernacle here. The Christian life is just too hard outside of the context and reality of the Father's house. It is like trying to survive as a fish out of water. If we are not in relationship with other believers passing back and forth a revelation, a confession and even the very anointing feeding essence of our Lord Jesus himself by his Spirit it is almost impossible to survive. Unless you have already grown to the extent that a Paul isolated in prison or a John exiled to an Island Patmos then you need the proper habitat for the growth of the divine life to flourish. Those men had unsearchable riches of many members of the Body in their one person. If you can contain that kind of wealth in your one vessel and by prayer or writing letters as these men were doing or receiving revelation, etc. you can retain some kind of relation ship to the Body then maybe you'll be OK but who in this day and age fits into THAT category of Christian?!?!! There are few of us alive today who could ever make such a claim. But THAT is part of what qualifies a man for being an apostle or a sent one. And I'll probably use the term "sent one" rather than apostle as apostle is just a transliteration.

The Four Keys to Lock Up Hell!

So what are these three keys? After the Lord rebuked Peter He plainly told his disciples and all of us through these written scriptures just what these three keys are! Praise You Lord forever for your faithfulness! Probably, if I had been the Lord and Peter had expressed his concern out of the love and kindness of his heart: "God be favorable unto thee….. etc." I probably would have just been nice and appreciated his concern. I mean after all Peter wanted Christ to stay with himself and his companions. But possibly Jesus is one of the few persons Who has ever lived Who told the truth!

There are many today who would reject His words as being truth. After all He called the man Satan. Was he really or was he just under Satan's influence? Come on now! Peter was motivated by his love for the Lord! He was speaking out of the goodness tenderness and compassion of his heart! And the faithful dear Lord called him Satan??!!?? Well, then he must have been Satan. But now we must ask why? It was because when we stay in self instead of in the Spirit we become a channel and the very gates of Hades or hell! Ouch! OK so now you know what the gates of Hades is! OK, so you should probably sit down and breath deep till you recover from the shock of what I really just wrote if indeed you did really get it! What! Have you not read Matthew 16 before? Were your eyes closed? Jesus told him: "Get away behind me, Satan; thou art an offense to me, for thy mind is not on the things that are of God, but on the things that are of men." He is referring to Peter's thought pattern, his opinions, his outlook, and opinion etc. etc. etc.!!!!!!!!! To have a mind set on the things of man is the same as the mind set upon the flesh being death. He actually became one with Satan at that point so the Lord was actually rebuking the both of them! WE are the gates of Hades! Hey man! Where are those keys? How do they work? It is fallen man that is the passageway for Satan to flow through and it has happened through ALL of us poor human beings. This is why we often wind up hurting the very ones we love! But what about when we are being the opposite? Nice, like Peter? Maybe we are being nice, yes, but at the same time we are leading others and ourselves away from the truth and away from God! Why? We are fallen and almost our whole being is fallen. What does fallen mean? Away from God! …" for thy mind is not on the things that are of God, but on the things that are of men." Can this really be a passage of Satan? Sure! Do you see the difference between Peter's concept of saving oneself and Jesus concept as put forth in the words following this? THIS IS WHAT WE DO NOT WANT TO HEAR! It goes against the grain of the very fiber of our being. But I will tell you this from my limited experience: turning from the land of self to the land of the unsearchable Christ has its rewards. To step out and walk on this water and keep on keeping on keeping our eyes on Jesus. Now that's the key. Oh by the way, if you are getting dizzy from hearing all this, don't worry or be anxious! THIS COULD NEVER WORK FOR YOU! Or if it did it would be like a car running with hardly any oil. You are probably not in ecclesia life in a real situation where you are built with other living stones so you are like a fish out of water and 9 times out of 10 it WON"T WORK! Hey! It wasn't designed to work without the Body of Christ. Christ lives a Body life just like you do. His life is in His Body and that's where it is and if you are not built up with others upon the foundation of the confession based upon the revelation of the Person, you are a fish out of water and the keys won't work. After all, the door to the building is ON the building. You are most likely out of your natural habitat as a son of God and that is why you don't see much spiritual growth these days.

But the keys are still there for you hit and miss and they always benefit the Lord, you AND others for something eternal. If nothing else, you may bind Satan and loose God to work at least in your own life. There are many wonderful keys for loosing the life of God from out of His building, which is us. There is so much talk these days concerning these things that it is not my place to add much to it here. However we also are the Gates, practically speaking for the enemy to come forth. Not much has been said on these things and the Lord knew it would be so. Due to the grave importance of this truth He emphasized it. Without the operation of the cross there can be no building up. This is why we have seen very little building up of His body through the centuries. It is because for the most part Matthew 16 has been veiled for centuries and we have been in darkness concerning its meaning.

The three keys are:

  1. Deny yourself.
  2. Take up the cross.
  3. Follow Jesus Christ.
  4. Lose your soul-life.

When these three things are done the self is locked and Satan can literally do nothing! Aw! Come on now! Yep! I knew what you were thinking! That sounds pretty hard: that is, to lock up yourself. But if all of us as believers would have this willingness and these keys working in our lives we would have no problems in our family life or our assembly life with other believers. It is not the false doctrines and various heresies that have worked the main damages to Christianity throughout the centuries. It has mostly been the workings of self and selfishness that has wrought the majority of the damages in the Kingdom as far as practicality is concerned.

So what is this denying of self? It means that we turn from our ways to His ways. It is the deep meaning and reality of what true repentance is. Wow! If this is the case we need to surely repent constantly. I'm not talking about a wallowing in the mire of mere regret here. But rather I mean a constant turning to God for direction supply and life.

Of course this won't mean much without the power of the cross. Here we must realize what the cross means to us. To the Lord it meant great suffering and He had to bear His cross before His death on the cross. To us it is the opposite. Suffering is NOT the true meaning of the cross. After you're dead suffering is OVER! Gone! God's purpose is not to make you suffer. It is to make you one with and in conformity to His Firstborn…. To eventually make us the Firstborn's entire counterpart. The meaning of the cross is not suffering but the first key to deny and turn from self is so we can do the will of God. If we are not from the heart embracing the will of God THAT IS NOT THE CROSS. The Lord willingly embraced His Father's will. If you suffer things in your life cause you think you have to and complain about it to boot, THAT, my brother is not the will of God or the cross. THAT is a mere execution or bad time and it's wasted! For the cross to have taken effect there had to be the matter of Jesus will and the Father's will settled in the Garden of Gethsemane first.

Marriage is an example of this. It is God's sovereignty as to who you married and it is His will. That's why divorce is against His will. But you can either be offended by your wife and endure the problems begrudgingly and its just an execution or you can be a happy cross bearer! To willingly take God's will and accept it as your lot in life FROM the heart brings the power of the cross to cross out self and lock up self.

What about being offended? To cause offense is certainly self, but what about BEING offended and holding onto it. This is also self! This is the cause of arguing in marriage life and so many divisions among brethren. When the self is locked up it is extremely hard to offend you! Oh that we were even far away from ourselves and lost in Him!

The thrid key I have just recently (12/04/2010) added to this chapter. It was through reading an aritcle on the glory of the Lord (see link!) by Bro James Jarjou that I suddenly realized I left out the most important key of all. Of course following christ is impossible without the power of the cross which can only be found in HIS life which is IN HIS BODY! How could I have left this out of this chapter for so many years?? Is it becuase I have only recenlt realized the true meaning of the Word of God? Yes, I believe so, but Jesus never left this out. He told Peter "Mt 16:24, 25: Then said Jesus to his disciples, 'If any one doth will to come after me, let him disown himself, and take up his cross, and follow me, for whoever may will to save his life, shall lose it, and whoever may lose his life for my sake shall find it," Following Christ means hearing Him, then obeying Him. It could even include seeing Him and conveying Him! Yes! This is conveyed by Paul in II Cor. 3 about beholding and reflecting Christ. But more impoprtatly it means doing what you are told! It means "not My will but Yours be done." and this could get tough sometimes! I admit this is not an easy path! Some folks start well but then fall away and do not end well. Again, I think you'll find that you must do this IN BODY LIFE and also by doing a lot of calling upon the name of the Lord. I recently wrote a series of 5 articles on the subject of hearing Him and calling upon His Name that you might enter into the true hearing of faith by being taught by Him and receiving His enlightenment. If you click on the hyperlinks you will find this. It is not only about how to read the Bible but more importantly how to HEAR HIM!! THIS is the MAIN NEED! YEA! THE ONLY NEED!!

The fourth key is to lose our soul life which means to lose psychological enjoyment. This means our aim is not to please ourselves but to please Christ. There are few today who are willing to lose the soul. There is just not much motivation for it. You see? Here's another one to chalk up for God's building and the revelation, which makes that building a reality. Without a revelation of God's heart's desire, His good pleasure and His eternal purpose there will be no motivation to motivate one to even be the slightest bit interested in denying oneself before the throne of God Himself! It was John Wesley writing on this same subject who seemed to say it all in the title of his sermon: "Who will you deny? Yourself? Or the Lord?" There just must be an actual view of things that are more important than ANY of your things or your not going to cut self loose! And THAT VIEW is usually only found either in the true and living assembly (or should I say building or tabernacling?) of Christ or through one of His church planters and most of the time being in that atmosphere alone is enough - its just the mercy of God to bring you to see through HIS EYES. He actually has to bring you to a place inside Himself. This is so you can see as He sees and to view as He views and be motivated in such a way as He is. It was this REAL LOVE. And THAT motivated Him even to the death of the cross! He must be in love. Soo in love. Of course there is a reward for us if we will lose our soul and self in this age for His will and purpose. He said those who lose their soul life will save their soul life. This means they will have real enjoyment in their soul. Is not the eventual building together of the assembly of the Lord into the Head and the blessing that denial of self will eventually bring to your family an eventual rich enjoyment to your soul? You bet it is! You cannot out-give the Lord! Ever!

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