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The Revelation of the Lost Keys
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The most important revelation ever given by
God to a man during the 20th century!

Chap. VI

The God-Men

I had already been a graduate of L.I.F.E Bible College by the time I came across the book entitled "The God-Men." Written by Neil T. Duddy from The Spiritual Counterfeits project. Do not try to find it. It is an illegal book. Literally: It was condemned and taken off the market by court order and is a matter of the law that it can no longer be published or sold.

The book takes statements from Witness Lee's books (which are in a class by themselves by the way) and puts them together with his statements from other books of his totally out of context to mean something totally other than what the brother had even dreamed of ever saying! Not to mention besides this fact: there is the presence of a superhuman intelligence and line of reasoning beyond the normal human powers of argument which I discerned as being the handiwork of the snake right away upon first reading it. Even though I knew there was a Satanic origin in some of its passages, I was still poisoned by it and had very negative thoughts concerning that group of Christians. For a time, like Son Rockstroe (who's name was mentioned in that book by the way), I even preached against the group from the pulpit.

Only because I had been in some of their meetings and knew some of them personally did I realize that false statements were being made concerning them. The extent of the damage of that book wrought such havoc that many of them had suffered extremely. Kids were being ostracized at school, some of the brothers even lost their jobs and there were even cases of divorce etc. because they were conceived to be something they were not.

The book was proved libelous in a court of law. During the court case Witness Lee did not even use a lawyer, considering his hold upon reality so sharp that the opposing party didn't have a chance. Not even Satan's smarter brain had a chance! Witness had too much of a renewed mind! As to the right or wrong of taking brothers to court, well that will be tried in the next age, but the courts awarded damages in the amount of 11.5 million dollars to Witness Lee and the local churches.

What happened to the author of that book? Well, since the folks he worked with at Spiritual Counterfeits Project went bankrupt as a result of this court case, he fled to Switzerland to have some wealth left. But it seems he did not escape the judgment of God. His kids shortly thereafter got on drugs and he went mountain climbing, fell off the mountain and died. As far as I know, his body has never been found to this very day. This should be a warning to us to not sow discord and division contrary to the truth.

Even though I had read the book and it somewhat poisoned me (that was what kind of Satanic book it was) for a time, I had been among these believers. So I realized there were some lies involved but I can see that others reading it who knew nothing about the group could easily have been sold under the lie. Such a one was Ron Gatrelle, whom I mention later on in the book. Anyhow, it was said this "local church group" was  a cult and ungodly and something to avoid like the plague or you would get brainwashed and sucked in. Etc. etc. etc. Finally I began to realize that nobody attacks, attacks and attacks this much unless a big old DIABOLOS is behind it!! GOD surely does not use tactics of the type being used to destroy a group such as were being used by more than one group of people out there that were saying not only false things but poisonous things inspired of the old trickster himself. Now you answer me this question: WHY WOULD THE DEVIL BE SO NERVOUS????? WHAT KIND OF HELL, LITERALLY HAD GOTTEN INTO THAT VARMINT????????? Think about it, brother and sister in Christ!! Why in the world were there over 200 hundred pieces of literature being circulated and illegally being pushed off on people and put under their windshields and being printed with out authors' names etc. etc. ad nauseum? Many are just jealous of Witness Lee who I would rate as the # 1 Bible teacher of all time. He had insight into the deep mysteries of God in the Word like no one has ever had it seems except maybe the Lord Jesus Himself and Paul of Tarsus. But the main source of such things was Satanic.

After the court case and hearing that lasted about a year a just judge of this country awarded Witness Lee and the church in Anaheim with the case.

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