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The Revelation of the Lost Keys
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The most important revelation ever given by
God to a man during the 20th century!

Section I: The Lost Keys Trek

Chapter 1 The Unveilings of God

(For an expansion of this chapter on the subject of the LOGOS Word of God, click here.)

There have been many ways through Biblical history and beyond through which God has chosen to unveil Himself and reveal aspects of His character personality and work through the centuries. Although one must be careful and test out the source to make sure it was God and not the "other guy" by comparing it with the scripture and all the other tests as revealed therein, there have been and still are many means He chooses to unveil His mysteries to His creatures.

God's final and greatest and all encompassing revelation (or in this case Revelation) of Himself was and still is THE WORD. That revelation was consummated through many historical and yet spiritual events that consummated in the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Jesus Christ, the life giving, sevenfold intensified Spirit of the processed Triune God Who also is a man space time man. He is the perfect mingling of deity and humanity. To begin with, He, by various processes, brought God into man and then man into God and so finalized through His incarnation, human living, all inclusive death, resurrection, ascension and glorification the new covenant (of which bequests we have in written form). He transformed the promises of God into bequests that already belong to those who are thus joined to Christ's life and nature by faith. The Word became flesh so joining two natures in One Person and so the ultimate Revelation of God Himself is the Lord Jesus Christ and HE is God's final Word and there can be nothing added to this Word. HOWEVER, the WORD Who is the Lord Jesus Christ Himself as the ultimate revelation and outshining of God the Father has to be communicated to humanity through many means and as the writer of Hebrews reveals to us in the first chapter: 1 God having spoken in many parts and in many ways formerly to the fathers in the prophets, 2 at the end of these days has spoken to us in [the person of the] Son, whom he has established heir of all things, by whom also he made the worlds; …… the words "in Son" reveal that God's final Word IS His Son. However, the need was seen by the Lord for the canon of the New Testament scriptures to convey this reality of His Son to us. Of course if you believe this New Testament that you read it authenticates also the Old Testament as being the written scriptures even as Peter in his epistle authenticates the writings of Paul of Tarsus as being scripture. Even the verses above also reveal that God spoke in many "parts and many ways…. in the prophets," . This must include dreams, visions and other means.

What about visions and dreams, etc., in this age of grace? Does God and will He continue to use such things to open the New Testament to open the ultimate revelation of God the WORD Himself so as to communicate Him to and into us? You bet! This is revealed in Joel the prophet (2:27-29). Peter confirms this as being applicable to the New Testament age in Acts ch. 2.

Of all the things spoken both in the New Testament and Old by the law, prophets, Psalms, gospels or epistles whether they were conveyed to men of God by visions, dreams, revelations or direct visitations it seems to me that more of Christ is conveyed by allegory or pictures than any other means. A big example of this is the instructions made to Moses by direct visitation concerning the blueprint of both the materials and construction of the Tabernacle in the wilderness. Now THAT was quite a revelation of Christ! Don't you think? Not only of Christ but the boards built together around such holy representations of His aspects, relations and unsearchable riches to us convey US as the extension of His very being for the expression of His glory as His Body! What a revelation! And it is all written down in the Old Testament! I personally have seen (but do not presently know who all the authors are) at least 4 books written that are almost 2 inches thick! Them are big books!! They concern the subject of this tabernacle and they are trying to barely scratch the surface of the unsearchable significances of all Christ is to us and everything this picture could mean. There are many such pictures of Christ in the Old Testament.

In 1983-1984 there were a series of events in my life. They were so unusual in their coincidence and setting and having come to such a person as myself who was under such an anointing of certain New Testament truths at that time as to properly understand what was being conveyed …. Well!!! I see now that it could not have happened in another time or another place or to anyone else and so the Divine Spirit bids me write. Of course you will find nothing here that fails the test of being in accordance with the scripture. But rather it not only reveals the deep inner meaning of some of the things in God's heart that are precious to Him concerning His people but reveals some of the ways He views us as His children.

Of course I have received things before and since from the Lord and share many of them in this book but THIS revelation is a PICTURE!!! And as has been said: " a picture paints a thousand words. So you see God can reveal more through a picture than through 10 books and that's why there are many such revelations in the scriptures.

A picture has a background. Sometimes it is only a white boring canvas or contains just grass or a sky which may be a sunset of many colors or possibly just a bleak sky. But of course that is not the main subject is it? Or is it? Some subjects may contain as mine does quite a bleak sky but hold on to your eyelids! The bleak sky will become a dark sky as a backdrop for an exciting story! If you'll bear through some of the necessary boring facts of the backdrop then maybe …. Just maybe you'll see into the very heart of God!!

The saga continues!

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